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Getting Ahead of Disasters

Only several weeks ago a major earthquake rocked the small nation of Nepal. This made me question what would happen is such an earthquake hit good old Philly. It would be chaos. While buildings here are constructed better they are much higher. I belive that many some of the glass stuctures would collpapes. The effects of this would be devistating and lead to huge death tolls. Hower I belive we can prepare of such a disaster. Getting trianing in things like confined space rescue and having the proper gear will be cricial to developing a plan for our amazing city. As I look around it is clear that this is a major isues. What concernes me the most is the old buildings on the south side. These brick building likely cannot take much shaking. If they go down exposed chemicals will tunr Philly into a toxic waste dump. So buy your hazmat suits today.While the above is more of a long term issues in the short run summer is coming up quick. The larges question faciing people this time of year is; how do I keep my AC system from over heating. This is a big issue that does lead to many fires throught th city. Once of the esiest ways to make your system run more efficiantly is through the use of a lower merv raiting. This will lead to greater airflow but less particlal capture so it is a balance. But whatever your concern the key is to be proactive and not wait until it is staring you in the face.