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Divan Turkish Kitchen: Lower Prices, Consistent Quality Experience


Please add this word to your vocabulary: kazandibi (kah-zahn-dee-bee). You’re going to have it committed to memory as soon as you learn what it is. Literally translated as “bottom of the pot,” kazandibi is caramelized milk pudding, a favorite in Turkish cuisine. Traditionally made from the milk – you guessed it — from the bottom of the pot, this sweet, creamy dessert is the pièce de résistance of a marvelous dining experience at Divan Turkish Kitchen (22nd & Carpenter Sts, Philadelphia 19146).

Divan Turkish Kitchen delivers quality, affordable food seven days a week. During a summer when every one is talking about “budget-friendly” and “stay-cation,” it just can’t be beat. But to top it off, Divan just dropped their prices! Reasonably priced to begin with, Divan decided they had had enough with credit card processing fees and will spot you the difference as a discount if you pay cash. This means an entrée such as Döner Kebab costs $14.90 via credit card or $11.50 with cash. Come with money in your pocket and afford to leave with some, too.  Divan Turkish Kitchen

The low-key, classy feel to the interior of the restaurant and the breezy, patio tables for outside seating set a cozy, romantic ambiance. With the moderate priced menu and the refined atmosphere, Divan Turkish Kitchen is an ideal place for a casual summer date.

In addition to a well rounded bar selection, Divan is also BYOB. You can bring a bottle of your favorite (for a small, corkage fee on Friday and Saturday), or try a Turkish wine to accompany your meal. The Kavaklidere Yakut is a dry, red wine with a clean aftertaste and notes of cherry. Similar to a Merlot, the Kavaklidere Yakut pairs well with any of Divan’s exquisite lamb dishes. Divan also offers the traditional Raki, which is a strong Turkish spirit flavored with anise, and a collection of signature cocktails that put a Turkish twist on some old classics such as a mojito with apricot juice, a Turkish version of a margarita or a martini made with raki.

The menu offers appetizers that are both hot and cold. They range from Turkish staples like hummus or stuffed grape leaves to fried calamari. Try the mucver, a zucchini pancake warm from the oven served with garlic-flavored yogurt, accompanied by lettuce and tomato. Appetizers average about five dollars.

True to Turkish cuisine, entrées include lamb, vegetables, seafood or poultry, with the most variety occurring under the lamb category. At Divan, the kebabs rule the menu and the Döner Kebab and Adana Kebab are at the top. The Adana Kebab is chargrilled chunks of either lamb or chicken. The Döner Kebab is ground lamb marinated with Turkish spices, charbroiled on a vertical skewer and sliced very thin. Kebabs are accompanied by rice, grilled vegetables, a pita and tartar sauce.

And to bring the Turkish dining experience to a finish, try the kazandibi for dessert. It comes with Turkish tea and will send you off on a satisfied, sweet note.



918 South 22nd Street (Corner of Carpenter & 22nd Street) Philadelphia, PA 19146

P: 215.545.5790 • 215.545.5792

Seven days a week


Noon to 11pm

Credit cards accepted. ATM on premises.


4:47 PM
Wed Jul 15 2009
Thank you!

... for your wonderful review of Divan Turkish Kitchen. That little gem of a restaurant is the pride and joy of our South of South St. neighborhood! I hope all of your readers go there to dine and check out the rest of our neighborhood during their visit. It's a great place to live!