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Le Castagne: A Taste of Milan on Chestnut


More often than desired, restaurant-goers have to sacrifice atmosphere for substance and their hopeful dining experience becomes a less than flawless occurrence. Luckily at Italian bistro Le Castagne, a quaint, à la mode environment goes hand-in-hand with a comprehensive menu, bearing food that is both inviting and delectable.

Le Castagne, which means “chestnut” in Italian, is owned by the Sena family who also holds tenure over Ristorante Panorama at the Penn’s View Hotel and La Famiglia, which are both located in the city’s most antiquated neighborhood, Old City. And a round of applause to Brian Wilson, the restaurant’s head chef, who has quite the creative mind and particular culinary skill that is ever-so-pleasing to a disgruntled appetite. If you like your cuisine served with serene ambiance and a modest touch of panache, the restaurant that promises “a taste of Milan on Chestnut street” is a one-stop shop.

Upon your arrival at your designated table, a single candle is promptly lit and flickers affectionately next to the diminutive authentic plant that adorns your eating area. But it’s the bread that will make your heart flutter. The baked roll bears just enough flavor that you might not need the dressing that is served as its supplement.

“The bread is homemade and the chef makes it differently each night,” said the Le Castagne waitress dressed aptly in all black like her colleagues, so you are assured to get a different experience each time you revisit.

Before you can engage in deep tête-à-tête and let your homemade bread officially settle, your entrees have arrived without delay and to your delighted surprise. From appetizers to entrées, the Northern Italian inspired menu consists of servings that will cost guests $9 to $39 and provide a wide array of seafood, pasta and veal among other “italiano” selections. Try the “cavatelli con peperoni e pancetta,” a light pasta dish immersed in pancetta and ricotta cream sauce for a unpretentious option or the “costata di vitello alla griglia,” a grilled rib veal chop with caramelized shallot and porcini mushroom sauce, to satisfy a more urbane craving.

All things considered, the upscale/casual spot that is Le Castagne won’t pigeonhole the type of laid back afternoon or upscale night you’d like to have when dining out. Here, authenticity and quality comes easy on the eyes.


1920 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103




Noon Until 2:00





5:30 until 9:30


5:30 until10:00


Closed Sunday