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LovashEnter Lovash by 3rd and South Streets and you’ll be met by a smiling face, comfortable surroundings and high-quality Indian food. In its unassuming building on the busy, touristy South Street, Lovash provides a welcomed respite from the cheese steaks and bar food surrounding it. The restaurant’s simple, yet tasteful design foreshadows its dining experience. The menu is comprised of traditional Indian dishes made from quality ingredients and subtle combinations of herbs and spices.

Lovash defies the typical American clichés of an Indian dining experience: it is not the strongly spiced (often to mask low-quality) dishes procured at the food trucks in University City; nor is it the overpriced, mediocre dishes found at trendy restaurants. Lovash has found a delightful balance of reasonably priced dishes in a comfortable setting where you can enjoy regional Indian cuisine.

“It’s regional cuisine of both northern and southern dishes,” explains owner and executive chef Mohan Parmar. “I wanted people to have a cross-cultural dining experience.”

Parmar opened Lovash in 2001, but it was hardly his first experience in the food and hospitality industry. Parmar also owned Shivnanda Restaurant at Front and Chestnut Streets up until a handful of years ago (this location is now Karma). The switch from the vibrant, high-class restaurant scene in Old City to that of South Street was a refreshing change for Parmar.

“South Street is a neighborhood you can own [property] in,” says Parmar, which satisfactorily explains why the restaurant has such a welcoming, neighborhood feel to it.

Having graduated from a culinary arts school in India, Parmar was sponsored by a Philadelphia restaurant to come to the States in the early 1980’s. He takes pride in his work –as well he should—and can be found at Lovash almost every night.

Table Setting

The menu Parmar setup is fairly extensive. He covers all of the traditional Indian dishes with particularly great Naan and Tandoori dishes, and a wide variety of vegetarian selections. His specialty dishes focus on lamb. Mahon’s Lamb Niyamatkhani is marinated in seasoned coconut milk and flash seared ($15.95). The curries are also superb. The flavors are distinct, yet subtle enough to not be overpowering. Be sure to indicate your preferred spice level –especially if you enjoy spicy foods, as the default is relatively mild. In addition to the curries, the vindaloo and rogan josh are delicious, made-to-order choices.

Lovash offers an excellent appetizer assortment and the Mixed Appetizer option is highly recommended ($7.95). The samosas and pakoras are exactly as they should be. A mango lasi or a mango juice is a great addition to any meal: their sweetness counterbalances the spiced flavors of onion, garlic, cumin and coriander throughout the menu. If you prefer, Lovash is BYOB (there is a wine store around 7th and South St).

“Try a shiraz or something crisp with a touch of sweet for red wine, or for white, a chardonnay. You want a wine that is dry to go with the Indian spices and herbs,” recommends Parmar.

To finish your meal, Lovash offers a variety of desserts, but you probably won’t have room for them.



236 South Street

Philadelphia, Pa 19147

Phone: 215-925-3881

Fax: 215-925-3882


Lunch Hours

Sunday thru Saturday:

11:30am - 3:00pm

Dinner Hours

Sunday thru Friday:

3:00pm - 10:00pm


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