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Misconduct Tavern: Restaurant Review


Just a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square, Misconduct Tavern has the feeling of a neighborhood pub that combines the best of both worlds –
tastyMisconduct Tavern microbrews from throughout the region and across the country and better than your average bar food.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy lunch and a quick pint, or a decent dinner that isn't overpriced, Misconduct is a great stop. Especially for those who want to watch a game while enjoying a sandwich and a beer.

The tavern, named after the deceased owner's boat, may be a pub that you would only stumble across while walking down Locust but it's worth the visit.

The interior is long and deep with a extended bar that lines the full length of the right wall, offering about 30 bar stools for guests. The left side of the room, displaying an exposed brick wall adorned with large nautical paintings, is flanked with wooden tables, some four-tops, some two-tops. The back wall offers a long, bright blue bench seat with tables against it and wooden captain wheels hung above it, continuing the nautical theme.

The hostess was quick to greet us, and brought us to a candle-lit two-top toward the back. Our waitress came by promptly and we were already prepared with our drink orders – a Terrapin "Big Hoppy Monster" Red Ale  ($6) and a Scaldis Noel ($9).

The tavern itself didn't appear to be too large, but even with about 15 of the 20 tables seated, it didn't feel over-crowded. On a weeknight, the tables were full of diners, or friends, co-workers and couples just enjoying their drinks, which created a din of chatter that could be heard over the TVs. Football and hockey were playing on alternating flat screens throughout the tavern with five large screens directly behind the bar and even more opposite where the tables are.

The menu isn't extensive, but having a good selection is what counts. Throughout the menu, some of the choices included the more standard pub fare like jalapeño poppers and buffalo wings, a Cesar salad or French onion soup, and a burger or French dip. But we were surprised by some of the more creative selections and decided on a few of them.

For starters, my date and I selected the crab and artichoke bruschetta, for $9. What came out isn't what you might expect of a bruschetta. We were served three crispy slices of crostini, smothered in melted mozzarella and fontina cheese, with a creamy, tangy artichoke and crab mixture beneath it. Diced tomatoes and two spring of basil garnished the plate. The bruschetta was warm and had the right amount of crunch too it, but the cheese, while delicious, buried the taste of artichoke I was expecting. Appetizer plates would have also been helpful. Still, the server came by quickly to clear the plate as soon as we were done.

The course was paced just right, giving us enough time to enjoy our beers before our dinners came out. My date opted for the half pound ground sirloin burger ($9), cooked rare. And that's just how it came out, which doesn't often happen. Serving it on a toasted challah bun was a good decision, giving the burger a sizable roll with the right amount of crunch and softness. The meat was juicy and a nice charred flavor to it. It was topped with thinly sliced red onions and red leaf lettuce, but toppings such as blue cheese, portabella mushrooms or bacon were also offered.

Opting to go with something different than what I'd normally find at a gastro-pub, I picked the salmon BLT with a lemon caper mayo-spread, ($11). Any sandwich eater knows that it’s all about the bread-to-meat (or in this case fish) ratio. The brioche bread, while toasted nicely, was too thin for the hearty piece of one-inch thick salmon that was served on it. The fish itself paired with the crunchy bacon and zesty spread was a good combination. We opted for the hand-cut fries on both sandwiches, but other choices, like a side salad, were available.

While the Misconduct Tavern is clearly all about its specialty beers and big-screen sports, it seemed they took pride in having a more diverse pub menu to keep beer drinkers coming back. It's worth another visit.



Misconduct Tavern

Address: 1511 Locust St

Philadelphia, PA, 19102

Telephone: 215-732-5797

Website: www.misconduct-tavern.com


Everyday from 11:30am to 2am.