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Sketch Burger Restaurant Review


   Sketch Burger Logo

Remember when Burger joints paid more focus to ensuring the quality of their ingredients rather than focusing on the image in which they serve it through? Me neither. The great American cheeseburger has devolved so much over the years to something that doesn’t even resemble food, if I understand the definition.  It seems that the focus on most Burger joints have those two priorities vice versa. Sure, you can go to McDonald’s or Johnny Rockets so your kids can play at the play place or so you can feel like you’re on the set on Happy Days, but if you’re a Philly Phoodie like myself, you may not want to eat something that’s nutritionally equivalent to paint thinner. That’s not to say that we would prefer to eat in a crack-house if the food was great, but it’s hard to find a Burger joint somewhere in the middle, a joint with a good atmosphere and quality food.


Thankfully for us Phoodies, the burger restaurant, appropriately named “Sketch," has both of those qualities that make up the perfect combination for anyone who appreciates the fine art of cheeseburger making (no pun intended), quality ingredients and a fantastic atmosphere.


As soon as you walk through the door of the restaurant, located at 413 E Girard Avenue in Fishtown, you can’t help but notice the colorful décor that helps the restaurant live up to its name. If it isn’t one of the many chalkboards open for anyone who wants to draw on the wall, it’s one of the hundreds of hand-drawn pictures created by some of Sketch’s more loyal customers. Every available inch of their walls are covered by a burger fan’s homage to the great American burger, something that seemed to have been lost until Sketch came to town. And by the looks of the drawings that hang on the wall, you can tell that Sketch has made plenty of regulars since their opening.


The key to placing an order at Sketch is to be confident. Their burgers may be intimidating at first due to their size and variety, but don’t be shy, take a deep breath and add whatever you’d like to your burger. The traditionalist may be inclined to order the sirloin beef burger with their choice of toppings. Every burger at Sketch comes included with tomato, lettuce and their choice of one of the aiol, chipotle, wasabi, or goddess dressing sauces. Being the experienced burger connoisseur that I am, I highly recommend the American kobe beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, chipotle sauce, and pepperjack cheese. One bite of this tender, juicy masterpiece will truly show you what it feels like to have food “melt in your mouth” (those of you who don’t know how kobe beef is traditionally prepared may want to google it to truly understand the quality of this type of beef).


Sketch has not only provided a fantastic service for the burger enthusiasts of Philly, but their vegan friends as well. From their fresh-cut, never frozen French fries, to their “Big 6” veggies salads and vegan-friendly burgers and milkshakes, the extensive menu at Sketch truly brings a convenience to those who often find themselves arguing on where to eat with their vegatarian/vegan significant other. And believe me, I know this painful process all too well.


Sketch is truly one of the finer dining establishments in N. Philly.  Whether you choose to take out or dine in, carnivorous or vegan, beef, turkey, or chicken, it will certainly be of high quality. The way food should be.


Take out or sit in.


Full Menu at  www.SketchBurgers.com 



413 E. Girard Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19125




Open 7 Days 11:30-9PM