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Lens is what you may think it is. It captures a vision of place and time. Fall in love with this town for the first time or all over again. See things with new eyes. Go out. Get turned on. Explore.

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Philadelphia Entertainment

Philadelphia and entertainment go together like… wait, we already used that line. But you get our point. The Philadelphia entertainment scene is both rich with tradition and teeming with up and coming talent – local talent we promote that not many other sites do. Hey, not everybody knows how to get that break they're looking for- and hopefully we can help them get that big brass ring. Art, Film, Music, Premieres, Comedy, Hop Stops, Local Suburbs, and on and on… it’s a lot of ground to cover. Good thing for you our team of writers wear comfortable shoes.

Brilliant Frugal Living

Philly2Philly.com presents our latest feature from Kristen Hagopian, renowned author of "Brilliant Frugal Living."

Kristen is a 40-something wife & mother of two who eliminated the need for a second income by saving over $50,000 a year with the proven frugal strategies found in her book.  Kristen resides happily in her as-of-yet unfinished fixer-upper in Chester County, PA.

For more information on Kristen or to contact her, go to www.brilliantfrugalliving.com

This week, Kristen has a way to help you save your money and prep for summer weather!