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UniverSoul Circus is Coming to Town!


What comes to mind when you think of a circus? Would it be clowns, stinky elephants or lions jumping through rings of fire? Well that’s what I always thought of until I UniverSoul Circus attended the UniverSoul Circus. (Yes, I spelled it correctly!) Don’t get it twisted, they still have all of those traditional elements, but they do spare us from that corny clown music, (you know the tune!) Actually, that tune is replaced with some of today’s hottest R&B, pop and hip hop music. But that’s just the beginning of its distinctiveness! This soul circus is predominantly made up of African American/African performers who do everything from twisting their bodies in ways unimaginable to performing death-defying stunts!

Since its birth in 1994, it has captivated audiences around the world and continues to make its mark in the entertainment industry! Oh, yes, UniverSoul circus is a force to be reckoned with within the circle of circuses! I have attended this “Hip Hop Under the Top,” as Cedric Walker, founder, president and CEO likes to call it and I must say that is an experience worth seeing year after year! My family and I like to go whenever the “big top” is in town. Why? Well, it is always surprising and some of these performers will take your breath away! But you have to experience it for yourself. So here’s just a little sneak peak of this year’s acts.

Every Circus has jugglers right? You know the ones who juggle bowling pins and such? But what about juggling tables and vases? Still doesn’t excite you, well I bet this will. They don’t use their hands! These three women juggle with their feet! Pretty amazing huh?

And if daredevil stunts keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll love the China Soul Flyers. This trapeze act includes flying from bar to catcher and vise verse with crazy tricks in between. If you ever thought you could fly or wanted to then this is probably the closest that you’ll get! But you may just reconsider after seeing this act!

Ever seen elephants get their groove on? No? Well come to the Soul Circus and you’ll witness huge elephants getting down to some of today’s hottest hits. I know it seems impossible, but some of these long-nosed animals may be able to dance better than you!

Universoul CircusAgain, this is just a glimpse of what you’ll see, trust me, you will be in for a treat. You will laugh, cry, clap, ooh and ahh! So if you’re over the traditional type of circus, which is usually only enjoyable for little kids then come experience some soul! You can be five or fifty-five-years-old to enjoy this show, so come on out, buy some cotton candy and get ready for the UniverSoul Circus!

The tour begins in Philadelphia on 10/28/09 and ends on 11/15/09 at Fairmount Park, 41st & Parkside, Philadelphia, PA 19106. There are numerous times for these shows, but for more information and to purchase tickets, go to www.universoulcircus.com.