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Game Changers: Vintage Blue Adds Style To Sportswear


As hard as you try, it seems that you never have enough red hanging in your closet to express you fashionable and passionate Phillies pride. And you would never want to cross the line from a fashionista to, say, a Phanatic; he’s the only one who can pull off the neon green fur.

Michelle D’Avella and Liza Goncalves, the spirited and creative ladies behind the line, Vintage Blue, have created a look that captures sports and style. Beyond designing “a vintage inspired sportswear line for women” (and as of recently, men), VB owns the exclusive license to the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Made famous by the film, A League of Their Own, the AAGPBL was comprised of women who followed their hearts and spoke their minds. To honor such women, Goncalves and D’Avella created t-shirts that combine throwback graphics and copy with timeless style. Their most popular shirt graphically portrays a tearful female player and Tom Hanks' infamous line from A League Of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball.”

Since launching the AAGPBL line in September of 2008, D’Avella and Goncalves have made sure that their brand maintained its progressive point of view. With an emphasis on sustainability, all of their tees are made of 100% organic cotton and are printed with non-toxic inks, not to mention the hangtags that are made from recycled paper and soy inks. To take the brand one step further, they added men’s and unisex styles to the line after receiving “incredible feedback from guys pushing us to sell tees for them as well,” notes D’Avella. The most recent addition to the line is a tee that was inspired by this season’s Phillies team and the love for their most popular shirt, “There’s No Crying in Baseball.” Created only a few weeks ago, this second version of the No Crying tee displays the famous phrase in a bold font with a vintage feel printed in Phillies red (shown in the Photo Gallery).

It’s obvious that both D’Avella and Goncalves posses a sincere pride not only for baseball, but for their home team, the Philadelphia Phillies. D’Avella noted that, “People have such a connection with baseball and their team. Our brand reflects that connection, but we are bringing a lifestyle with it. You don't have to just wear a Phillies tee to show you love of baseball.” Giving the crowd an alternative option to the one-size-fits-all XXL shirt or the overly pink apparel for the ladies, Vintage Blue’s Phillies tees add a sense of style to sportswear with their unique designs. And in an effort to take their local love to a whole new level, Goncalves and D’Avella created yet another Phillies colored tee just in time for the World Series. Check their online shop for this limited edition tee that they made especially for Philly girls and guys (use promo code “gophillies” for a generous discount).

Above all, Goncalves and D’Avella show us that it’s possible to wear your heart on your sleeve with a line that supports their values, while keeping your pride on your chest to cheer on a home team during their biggest games.