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Spooky Nights and Frightful Tales on the Spirits of ‘76 Tour


Looking for some fearsome fun to celebrate Halloween? The Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour takes you around historic Old City. The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour of Philadelphia is the city's scariest haunted tour that visits more than 20 of Philadelphia's Frights & Sights on a 75-minute ghoulish outdoor walking adventure. The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour features haunted facts and folklore.

On the tour, we visited many haunted places, although I confess my pal Lis and I were amusing ourselves by going “wooo-oo’ every so often. The best part for me was also getting the historical aspects as well. We went to the Benjamin Rush House, Bishop White House, Congress Hall, Holy Trinity Church, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Merchants' Exchange, Old Pine Street Church & Cemetery, St. Mary's Church & Cemetery, St. Peter's Church & Cemetery, Second Bank of the United States, Washington Square Park, and Old Pine Street Church & Cemetery, and listened for the witch of Pine Street.

We also strolled along streets where the Sixth Sense was filmed (remember that creepy dead bicycle chick?), as well as Shooter, and National Treasure, where Nicolas Cage ran though a haunted cemetery. We learned about the folklore of the statue of Benjamin Franklin atop Library Hall that comes out oddly enough, on Easter and dances on the grass below.

We didn’t see any ghosts, but we did get glow sticks, which lent an eerie glow over the group. This tour is family-friendly. We had a little girl on the tour who was convinced she saw a chipmunk ghost- that was hysterical. I took a lot of pictures, hoping somehow a ghost would manifest itself onto my screen, but not this time, I guess!

It was a glorious night to be out, again, somehow I missed a night of rain and got a nice, warm and spooky night filled with lots of fun, tripping over the cobblestones and crunchy autumn leaves. As the tour wrapped up, we ended up at the Liberty Bell, which I don’t think I have taken time to see since Mom and Dad took me about 25 years ago. Across from the Bell was Independence Hall, silent and spooky, as Neil, our guide, began to tell us about the ghosts of the Hall. Just then, the clock tolled nine o’ clock, and we all just about jumped out of our skin!

Even though Halloween is coming up, the tour will continue through November, so don’t miss this spooky and fun, and dare I say, educational, walking tour. It really did put me in the Halloween spirit.

The tour continues through October: Daily @ 7:30PM, Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ 9:30PM, Saturday & Sunday @ 6:00 PM. There are also daytime tours: Saturday @ 1:00 PM, and November: Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 PM.

Tickets cost $17.50 Per Adult and $12.50 Per Child (ages 3-12). Group rates are available for parties of 25+. For tickets, call 215.525.1776 or visit http://www.spiritsof76.com/. Tickets are also sold each evening before the Tour at the COSÌ® restaurant at 325 Chestnut Street (4th & Chestnut Streets). Advance reservations recommended

Developed by The Constitutional Walking Tour, Philadelphia's leading walking tour operator, the new Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour provides a "High Definition Haunted Experience"™

The Spirits of ’76 Ghost Tour meets at the COSÌ® restaurant at 325 Chestnut Street (4th & Chestnut Streets). For tickets, call 215.525.1776 or visit www.Spiritsof76.com. Check out our "Blair Witch" style video posted at www.Spiritsof76.com. The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour is a proud member of 13Haunts.com.

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