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Slice of Suburbia: Royersford


Hey there P2P readers! Welcome to the fifth installment of my exclusive Philly2Philly.com series- Slice of Suburbia ™ where I’ll be featuring various towns outside of Philadelphia. Philly2Philly.com is totally dedicated to all things Philly, but we also want to reach out to our subscribers in suburbia.

My hometown of Royersford, PA, has come a long way- there wasn’t a whole lot there was I was in high school, just houses, elementary schools, a high school, a 7-11, and once upon a time- an amusement park with a famous carousel (Lakeview- now home to Kohl’s, Marshall’s and Giant). When these went in, it was a big deal, as the closest place to shop was more or less the King of Prussia mall. Across from Route 422, there are supermarkets, eateries, a Goodwill store and random sundry stores, but the downtown is where the good food and quaint restaurants are.

The town drew its name from the location of a ford across the Schuylkill River, which was adjacent to land owned by the Royer family. Early in the twentieth century, it had extensive stove and brass factories, glass and bottle works, embroidery and silk mills, a dye and bleaching plant, bridge works, and manufactories of bricks, gas meters, stockings, shirts, and agricultural implements, etc. Royersford is 32 miles northwest of Philly on the Schuylkill River.

Today- Ro-Fo (affectionate nickname) has got a lot of small-town charm, with great local produce. Be sure to check out Renninger's Farm- tomatoes, corn fresh berries, and now, all the fall produce is coming in. The downtown area was used as on-location filming for the Lovely Bones with Mark Wahlberg in 2007; as well as parts of the classic 1958 horror film The Blob, starring Steve McQueen. One shot, where late night moviegoers are fleeing the Blob, was filmed at the corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street, right in front of the restaurant Annamarie's Place!

Also, The Bloodhound Gang's most famous album, Hooray for Boobies, was recorded at Dome Studios on Main Street. Further down, head to the French Quarter Bistro on Main for some authentic New Orleans and Southern foods. Giovanni’s pizza, in the old post office building has some of the best pizza for miles, and for a great hand-crafter beer, a supermarket building-turned brewery- the Sly Fox is also quickly becomming a popular hangout.

And no visit to Royersford is complete unless you head across the river to Spring City to Perry’s Place on Main Street. Delicious breakfasts- peaches n’ cream French toast or Boston Crème Pancakes, anyone? Hot coffee and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes for a great place to have a leisurely breakfast on Sunday or supper during the week. Perry’s uses all local produce and is owned by Joy Ellen, a longtime Royersford resident, and one of my good school friends from Sacred Heart Elementary…way back in the day!

Since most of Royersford’s commerce is garnered by the chain stores, there is still a calming presence in the tree-lined streets, the parks, and the people. Come enjoy a few hours in Royersford, and then let me know what city I should profile next for Slice of Suburbia.

You can contact Christine Tarlecki at engchik@comcast.net or http://engchik.blogspot.com/.

French Quarter Bistro:: 215 Main St, Royersford

Renninger's Farm: 924 Second Avenue, Royersford

Perry’s Place:: 60 N. Main Street, Spring City. Wed - Fri: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm; Sat: 6:30 am - 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm; Sun: 6:30 am - 12:30 pm


Homepage photo: flickr.com/photos/ bobbinguy/3458050868/