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Fashion Night Out Brings out the Shoppers With Sass


Vogue Magazine Presented Fashion’s Night Out in various cities, including New York at the kick off of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and our area was no less fabulous when fashion came to the King of Prussia Mall! The mall stayed open late with a ton of food, champagne, freebies, deals, discounts and swag!

When I attended New York’s Fashion Week in February, it was debuting the fashions for Fall 09, so a lot of what I saw then I saw here. And yay- the 80s are back! Studs, velvet, leather, zippers, denim and military jackets are in now. Just no leg warmers, thank God!

Lisa, manager at Arden B, said deep jewel tones are also in, along with clothes and headbands with sequins, big chunky necklaces, especially silver and Lucite and big faux jewels. We also hit it big in a giveaway- my mom won one of the gift cards!

In Bebe, the Edwardian look was on many of the models, bodice tops, ruffles and tucks, velvets and ribbons, skinny pants and thigh-high leather boots. Roving models from MilanJ Diamonds and many stores displayed the latest clothes and accessories from their stores while passing out giveaways. Much of the makeup I saw was understated with candy-colored or nude lips, metallic (gold, sliver, bronze) and soft-colored cheeks. I snapped up some Philosophy Purity face wash and Stila bronzing face powder.

Entertainment from rock trio Holt 45 among department and specialty stores with DJ’s rocking Michael Jackson and hot tunes while shoppers checked out deals and waited to win prizes, and an area with food and drinks, swag bags, entries for prizes. On display was Gene London collection of vintage celebrity gowns, gorgeous Old Hollywood Hepburn, Monroe and Hayworth gowns that I seriously coveted. You can also see these gowns on display at the Reading Public Museum. Plus, you could get your Ugg boots studded with rhinestones from a selection of designs by Alders Studio.

Nordstrom had a mini-runway with models displaying a great winter fashion- grey leggings, fuchsia and grey draped tops and scarves with chunky or stiletto ankle boots and fur hats. Understated makeup with long silvery necklaces and earrings completed this fun look. Outside Neiman Marcus, an assortment of their latest goodies were displayed, including an eyelash bar, new face care and fragrance products and a at-home do-it-yourself laser removal kit that my mom tried on a teeny part of her arm (she said it felt warm and indeed there wasn’t any hair there, so yes, it works!)

Overall, there was a huge turnout of shoppers, both frugal and spendthrift. The vibe all night was of fun and excitement as people looked forward to wearing the newest fall fashions and leaving summer of ‘09 behind. This was a great kickoff to fall and the months beyond. Stay tuned here for upcoming fall and winter fashion shows, mall events and reviews on Philly’s most creative artists and designers.

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