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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell's Tucker Max Talks With Philly2Philly.com


Some say I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell has got all the makings to be a college cult classic, others criticize the movie as depicting exactly what's wrong with today's youth. Set to open in select theatres on Friday, the new movie is based on the New York Times best-selling book, by the same fitting title, which highlights the adventures and antics of Tucker Max. The movie begins as Max (Matt Czuchry) and his friends Dan (Geoff Stults) and Drew (Jesse Bradford) set out on an impromptu bachelor party, that goes dreadfully wrong thanks to a very interesting cast of characters. The problems only continue to pile-up with an extremely public intoxication ordinance, a visit to the county jail, a brawl and ultimately the consequences of Max’s undaunted narcissism.

Instead of doing a premiere in Los Angeles, the movie cast and crew decided to celebrate in true Tucker Max fashion, by embarking on a 31 city premiere tour! During their stop in Philadelphia, Max explains that even he himself, is still shocked about his newfound success.

“I don’t know how I did it! I mean I just got drunk and hooked up and wrote a bunch of stupid emails and now here I am.” But Max admits that he believes it was always his destiny to become famous, “I mean yeah of course, the only thing for me was that I thought it would happen quicker! I mean I always knew I would be a success. This way and how it happened were not necessarily how I thought. But you can’t predict you’re going to stumble into writing a genre that didn’t exist before you started writing it and make a movie based on your own life and all that, there’s just no way, I mean you could never predict that.”

As fiction mirrors reality, Max opens opened up to me about his cynical outlook in life, “I don’t know, I don’t know—I mean, how do dogs get hair? They’re born that way I guess. I am who I am, I don’t know. If there was some secret to confidence and success, believe me I would have written that book instead of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell because it would have sold a lot better.”

Still, Max has enjoyed success, selling thousands of copies of his book and has been credited with founding “fratire” which is 21st century, non-fiction literature, written politically incorrect for young men. “Listen, if the New York Times wants to say that I invented a new literary genre, then I will accept that!” (laughs) I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

Max continues to be recognized by adoring fans, including the very anxious and excited college students that were lined up outside the Bridge Cinema Deluxe in Philadelphia. Max says the tour has already exceeded his expectations. “The tour is going great so far,” Max explains, “Actually, this was the most tame crowd we’ve had so far. The reaction has been astounding and overwhelming, so it’s been great.”

Philly fans were also treated to a surprise visit from the movies star Matt Czuchry, who sat in the audience and took pictures with faithful followers afterwards. Czuchry says playing the role of Tucker Max was a difficult challenge for him. “Tucker is somebody in life who is fearless and he just goes after everything and I’m not necessarily that way as a person, so to read those certain scenes and put myself in that position is a scary thing so when I first read it I was scared.”

So want to know how you get served beer in hell? Go to a theatre near you on September 25 and watch all the craziness that ensues in I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell and decide for yourself if it's a hit or just another box office bomb.

Click here to watch a video clip of this interview.