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Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings pregnant, Lindsay Lohan, 'Full House' cast reunite


Kerri Walsh Jennings pregnant

If Kerri Walsh Jennings felt something a little funny in her tummy before competing in at the London Olympics, she probably chalked it up to nerves.  

But, it wasn’t nerves.  Photo: Zengar.com

She didn’t realize it at the time, but she was actually pregnant.

She revealed the news this past Monday while appearing on the Today show.

The Olympian had a feeling something was up because she’s normally happy and was feeling oddly moody.  But, she figured her strange moodiness was due to the stress from traveling and competing, which was a pretty reasonable assumption at the time.

Being pregnant obviously didn’t affect her game, considering she and Misty-May Treanor managed to snag the gold.

This will be the third child for the athlete and her hubby, Casey Jennings. The couple already has two boys, Sundance and Joey.


Lindsay Lohan......

Lindsay Lohan just cannot catch a break!

The hot mess star, who seemed for just a teeny bit to be avoiding negative publicity, was just all over the news for an alleged hit and run.  

The dust has barely settled on that and now it’s being reported that she’s been hospitalized for respiratory problems. Apparently the actress has asthma and the complications she experienced stemmed from that.  

According to her reps Lohan was treated for her problems and released from the hospital.  

But, her father, the spotlight stealing Michael Lohan, has said that his daughter has always had bad asthma and she actually had some pretty close calls as a kid.

He also revealed that Lohan has been suffering from a lung infection, which could have contributed to her problems.


'Full House' cast reunitePhoto: @andreabarber/Twitter

Do you remember Full House?  You know, the hokey, yet well-loved comedy featuring a widower raising his three daughters with the help of a friend and his brother in law.

I do, and I feel really old because the show just celebrated the 25th anniversary of its pilot episode.

To celebrate the milestone, the cast of the show gathered together for a reunion of sorts.  Although most of the cast managed to appear for the party, the Olsen twins did not make an appearance.

The group read some scenes from their fave past episodes, did a little dancing to some NKOTB, and enjoyed a cake made to look like the house the Tanner family lived in.

Wanna see a little of what went down at the party?  Check out the video that John Stamos tweeted…LOL!

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Walsh-Jennnings photo: Zengar.com

Full House photo: @andreabarber/Twitter