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Tony D’s Philly Funny Guide: The Sixth Borough has Got Some Ugly Furniture


As a comedy person in the mix in the Philly improv scene for a while, you see people drift in and out of it like tourists who walk in and out of South Philly, wondering why the Hell did I walk all the way down here for a sandwich and where’s my wallet? One of my old comedy collaborators was Corey Cohen. Besides being in the Ninjas improv group, we also did a little something called Zombie Country . But these days, he’s in the Sixth Borough.

The Sixth Borough refers to Philly as if it is New York’s Sixth Borough and the group is made up of Corey, Patrick Kelly, Jason Messina and Tabitha Vidaurri. This hipster sketch group reminds me of the sketch groups you’ll see on Collegehumor. The Borough is young, quick and raw, like a deliciously undercooked cheesesteak or pizza.

The Borough can often be seen live in places like Connie’s Ric Rac. They will be performing at Welcome to the Terrordome IV at the end of the month (April 30, 9pm) at Johnny Brenda’s. Its $10 and features a whole host of other sketch groups I’ve mentioned . Their brand of meta-comedy is kind of like the stuff you’ll see on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and The Sarah Silverman Program . It’s the kind of comedy that’s knowingly absurd and the audience’s laughter is mostly ironic. It’s risky because it tends to go a long way for a pay off. Like waiting for the Sixers to win a championship.

Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer and actor.  He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books.  He has also been a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, a scriptwriter for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast  and a blogger for Comedy Central’s Indecision ’08 website. Check out Tony at www.superfrat.com

To contact Tony, email him at tonyd@philly2philly.com