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Philly Funny Guide- Put on some Secret Pants


For the past six years or so, a little renaissance of sketch comedy has erupted in Philadelphia like a hilarious burst Secret Pants. Photo: http://www.comicvsaudience.net/images/profile/sketch/secret_pants.jpgpimple. One of the oldest and most successful groups to come out of this faux-SNL comeback is Secret Pants. Featured on comedy sites like Collegehumor.com

Secret Pants is like Philadelphia’s own Kids in the Hall  with less guys in drag and back bacon references. The group originally started as a group of friends hanging out after class at Temple in 2004. They had so much fun, they decided to keep the group going and the ranks eventually swelled to 15 or 16 people. Eventually the group paired itself down to about nine members . They produced sketches like Decision 1649, Dead Hooker Theater and Booty Shorts for Men. Check them out on their website HERE. And they are, of course, all over YouTube:

But hey, hipster, how bout you stop blowing your money all over Northern Liberties smoking in front of Silk City  and pretending you know anything about domestic drafts and see these guys live. Head to South Philly at Connie’s Ric Rac  on April 21st 9pm for Bedtime Stories. It’s only $10 and is a showcase of comedy groups including Secret Pants, Meg & Rob  and the Sixth Borough. Proceeds of the show go to the JoAnn Weinberg Fund to help JoAnn pay for a desperately needed bone marrow transplant. Wouldn’t your money be better going to that than those sh*tty clove cigarettes you insist on smoking?

And, at the end of the month (April 30th, 9pm) don’t miss Welcome to the Terrordome IV  featuring sketch groups The Feeko Brothers, Secret Pants, Meg & Rob, The Sixth Borough and Rowan & Hastings (making their final appearance). Only $10 to get in at Johnny Brenda’s, that’s just pennies a laugh.

Now put on your secret pants and go!

Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer and actor.  He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books.  He has also been a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, a scriptwriter for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast  and a blogger for Comedy Central’s Indecision ’08 website. Check out Tony at www.superfrat.com

To contact Tony, email him at tonyd@philly2philly.com

Home Page photo: http://www.comicvsaudience.net/images/01-09/secret_pants2.jpg