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Philly Funny Guide Profiles "The Waitstaff" - Comedy to Order


A fixture in the Philadelphia comedy scene for over five years, The Waitstaff is The Waitstaff. Photo: http://www.thewaitstaff.com/images/Color+Logo.gifa sketch comedy group. And, much a soft pretzel vendor that’s spent too much time in the sun, the Waitstaff is both hilarious and related to food. My old improv group used to tear their posters and bring them to and say, “See? These are the kind of posters we should have.”

Of course, I would always argue that other struggling comedy groups would tear them down to show to their director and waste many precious hours that should’ve been used for rehearsing, but then what do I know? What I do know is that The Waitstaff is pretty funny.






If there’s anything more hilarious than a group of people doing drugs on stage, than I haven’t seen it. Of course, with all the time I spend in that abandoned theater that’s now a crackhouse, I could be wrong.

The Waitstaff is made up of  Eric Singel, Sara Carano, Jim Boyle, Gerre Garrett, Christopher McGovern and Joanne Cunningham. They’re all actors and performers in their own right and they probably would never rip down another comedy group’s poster just to waste a lot of rehearsal time, but that’s just my guess. I’m not bitter. Some actors are, but not me!

So when can you get yourself to a Waitstaff show? The next shows are May 19th, 20th and 23rd at the L’Etage Cabaret. Tickets are only $15. Just remember, these people are not actually going to bring you food unless you count delivering hilarity nourishment. So get yourself to a show and no matter how tempting, don’t tear down the posters. They paid good money for those things and I’ve already seen them. Yes, they are nice. And yes, I wish we had posters too. Where am I supposed to get them? Out of my ass? I’m not made of posters people. Can we just rehearse please? Fine! Then listen to the B**wjob song.