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Columbus Day in Philadelphia-just another day this year


Philadelphia's annual Columbus Day parade was canceled this year, which normally would have been celebrated over the weekend.  Alas another tradition has fallen victim to the economy.
The reason for the cancellation was three-fold according to organizers.  Donations are way down due to the recession, the city has a new policy regarding fees for police and cleaning up, and a failure to do paperwork for state grant money doomed this year's festivities.
With that said, Columbus Day still provides some people with the relaxing three-day weekend that they come to enjoy year after year. (i.e. state workers and bank employees). 
The reality is most workers don't get to enjoy that benefit and it's just another day.

For many others, including Native American Indians, Columbus Day is a day of protest.  For many Italians, it's a day to celebrate their heritage. 

Interesting facts about Columbus Day:
Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado in 1905.
Columbus Day became a federal holiday in 1934.

President Benjamin Harrison organized the 400th anniversary of Columbus Day in 1892.

The Columbus Day Parade in Philadelphia was celebrated for 50 years, up until this year. 

Coincidentally Thanksgiving is observed in Canada on the same day as Columbus Day.

Virginia celebrates two, count them two legal holidays on Columbus Day! They also celebrate the siege of Yorktown, a huge victory in the Revolutionary War.

As each year passes Columbus Day is slowly fading away.  22 states no longer recognize it as a paid holiday.


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