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Anthropologie's Keith Johnson debuts new series Man Shops Globe for the Sundance Channel


Picture a job where your primarily goal is shopping- taking worldwide trips where you must find the best, the most original, the coolest items in the far corners of the earth. Keith Johnson of Anthropologie  is living his dream job as the Sundance Channel  documents his travels in Man Shops Globe, Man Shops Globe- October 7thwhose tagline is "His job. Your adventure."

Held at the Navy Yard Wednesday night, Anthro and Urban Outfitters  employees gathered in their place of work to mingle and see a screening of the first episode. First off, the Navy Yard is amazing- huge and green like a suburban college campus, yet, across the way in the water, silently sat huge Naval ships. My friend and I were astounded as we drove by them and saw airplanes coming in for a landing flew overhead (very low!) This place, I have to say, was amazing. It is no ordinary office building- this huge loft-like building had floor to ceiling windows and sky-high plant life. Anthro’s space is full of objects that define the Anthropologie ideals, distinct items, wild décor, vibrant colors and a special one of a kind feel.

Great jazz music played as the partygoers had delish small bites such as salmon, eggplant and ahi tuna, along with a great assortment of cheeses and crudités. Stella Artois and Ferrero Rocher also sponsored the event with plenty of beer and chocolate. As I sat in the screening room, a ‘found object’ was on my chair, a cloth luggage tag (yay swag!). Before the screening, Anthro execs welcomed the crowd, and then we settled down to watch as Keith and his crew scour flea and antiques markets in France, find and commission artwork, furniture and other ‘found objects,’ items that serve a use other than what they’re intended for, such as a table with huge metal flowerpots in them, creating a unique piece of furniture that Anthropologie customers can purchase.

Anthro Lounge Space Keith has had a love of antiques and travels since childhood when traveling with his art dealer father. He began working with Anthropologie in 1994 when his partner Glen Senk, (currently CEO of parent company Urban Outfitters Inc.) became president. Glen suggested Keith trawl the world for decorative and unique items to create a presence for the Anthro stores, and now no one can stop Keith as he creates personality for 123 Anthropologie stores.

So find Keith, Anthropologie’s Buyer at Large as he travels the world for the perfect….whatever, on the Sundance Channel on Wednesdays, beginning on October 7.


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