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Melani Von Alexandria takes fashion to new heights in Philadelphia


Many designers have made their mark by finding their cutting-edge niche in the world of fashion. Trying new ideas and taking risks is what sets these designers apart from the pack. One such designer is Melanie C Brandon of MVA Gunn Metal  Design by Melani Von AlexandriaJewelry, Inc. and Melani Von Alexandria, Inc.

Brandon is behind the extremely innovation and brilliant concept of Gun metal jewelry, where Brandon and the company of MVA Gunn Metal Jewelry, Inc melt down confiscated weapons and make them into amazing new shapes and forms. She is officially backed and supported by The City of Philadelphia, Sheriff John D. Green that supplies all confiscated weapons for our company.

Brandon and her crew are all natives of the city of brotherly love, and they are trying to promote just that, keeping the love and peace in this city. “I really wanted to stick with clothes; the jewelry came after in a whirlwind!," Von Alexandria says. “The line of gun jewelry was birthed as a way to encourage youth to continue on a path of greatness. A portion of our proceeds goes into our fund to provide college educations for youth. The line has a collection of bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. We’re all on different levels. Three designers of Philly coming together for this great collaboration of ideas.”

In addition to the gun metal jewelry, Brandon is also the innovator behind Melani Von Alexandria, Inc, a collection of pieces that are both ready-to-wear and couture. Brandon debuted her SUPERWOMAN Collection at New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year, giving a nod to ladies of fabulousness First Lady Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and First Lady of Philadelphia Lisa Nutter.

“Not only will look great in stores, it is for the community, to donate proceeds to those affected by gun violence. It has such a meaning behind it. It’s taken on a life of it’s own- it’s building and growing every time we get together,” Von Alexandria says.

Design by Melani Von AlexandriaA recent partnership with the Philadelphia Diamond Company in the Curtis Center and in talks with other stores and companies, the possibilities of this operation are endless. “With each piece made, another gun is taken off the street,” notes Von Alexandria. “We are taking guns- destruction - and turning them into a symbol of peace.”

Come on out and see MVA’s latest collection, along with all the stars and designers of the City of Brotherly love and Sisterly Affection at Philadelphia’s Fashion Week October 8-10 at the 23rd Street Armory, or go to http://www.philadelphiafashionweek.org/ for more info and tickets.

These collections and gun jewelry pieces have impacted the city and will be on display during Philly’s Fashion Week. Doors open at 4pm, and Melani Von Alexandria collection is shown on Saturday October 10.

Pictures sourced from www.melanivonalexandria.com.

Written by Christine Tarlecki for Philly2Philly.com