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Black Friday Watch 1.0-Bad Economy means more deals than ever in 2009


It's that time of the year again, which many of us dread-Christmas shopping season.  At the same time, it's also time for preparing for Black Friday, which is four weeks away.
This is the first of what will be many Black Friday features as we try to steer our fellow Philadelphia-area residents into the right direction, because quite frankly there's a lot of bunk out there.
While the recession is allegedly over, pretty much every working person is living like they're in a deep recession. Thus, retailers are more congizant than ever and are will to do almost anything to lure shoppers to malls this holiday season.
This figures to be the year of the deal.  Last year holiday sales were at their worst levels in four decades and things don't look to be any better this year-perhaps worse. 
Sears has already rolled out a bunch of sales well before the start of the biggest shopping day of the year in what appears to be a desperate attempt to ramp up it's struggling sales.  The method Sears is employing is called the "Christmas Creep."
They are selling an ellipitical machine for $399 (marked down from $700) and have sales on all DieHard boots (50% off). 
And, if you want a flashy Christmas tree then look no further.  Sears has a 7 1/2 foot tall tree with multi-colored lights for $174.99.
And, for you technology lovers, Sears is selling a 42" Zenith plasma screen TV for $499.  This is an incredible deal for a nice-sized TV that generally sells for $649.99.
And, if you're into contests, Best Buy is having a Black Friday VIP contest once again this year where they'll select one winner each from 25 selected markets.  They'll receive limo ride to and from the store, a $1,000 gift certificate, and be able to enter the store prior to opening at 4:30 AM.
All you have to do is tell Best Buy what you are most excited about for this Black Friday and you must be a little creative.  The link to the contest is at www.bestbuyvipcontest.com
Stay tuned as we will roll out constant updates on Black Friday deals, rumors, tips, and much more.