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Taylor Swift NOT behind lawsuit says publicist


In an conversation with Taylor Swift's publicist Paula Erickson, Philly2Philly.com's Joe Vallee and Steve Olenski were provided clarification regarding the pending lawsuit involving Taylor Swift, BMI, and "The Sports Cellar" bar in Idaho.

Erickson told us that Swift, who is currently out of the country, is not behind this lawsuit and in fact, loves her fans in Philadelphia and is looking forward to finally headlining in her hometown very soon.

Erickson also provided us with the following statement released by Jerry Bailey, Sr. Director, Media Relations & Business Communications of BMI regarding TMZ's story yesterday.

"The story originated with TMZ, which took gross creative liberty with the facts.  BMI filed a routine lawsuit against a bar for not licensing music over a span of several years. (We file dozens of such lawsuits every year) On the two nights we surveyed music in the bar, there were ten songs we selected to include in the copyright infringement suit (because they were among the titles our researcher happened to hear).  One was a Taylor Swift song.  Our 400,000 copyright owners sign all the necessary contracts for such lawsuits when they initially join BMI.  Other than by the sheer chance that Taylor owned one of the songs heard on the night our researcher visited the establishment, she personally has no direct participation in this copyright infringement suit."
photo: http://api.ning.com