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The Hop Stops: Dark Horse Pub, Mako's Bar & Grill, Copabanana


South Street may be one of the tourist traps for those visiting the City of Brotherly Love, but it's also loaded with some pretty cool shops, restaurants and watering holes for those who've come to know and love the city. This week the Hop Stops takes you to just a few of the places you can stumble into on South and you're guaranteed a good time, if not some interesting people watching.Dark Horse

Dark Horse Pub

421 S. Second St.

(215) 928 - 9307


Granted there are plenty of bars in the city and a number of Irish ones at that, but if you’re in the area of South Street, the Dark Horse Pub is worth wandering off the city’s beaten path. The two-story colonial row house has the typical dark, wooden and brick interior that’s common among both Irish pubs and good neighborhood bars. When you walk through the front door, you’re greeted by the first bar on the left. Up the stairs and through some winding hallways, the bars keep on coming.

The Dark Horse has about a half-dozen rooms with watering holes that can be closed off for more intimate occasions. The main bar wraps all the way around, with seats around all four sides instead of being backed up to a wall that you’re forced to stare at while downing your cocktails. Instead, patrons can stare across the bar at fellow beer-drinkers, gaze out the floor to ceiling windows that look down on Second Street, or focus their attention at any of the multiple flat screen TVs hung inside and around the bar. Chances are, football is on the screen. And not the normal football red-blooded Americans watch on Sunday, it’s the kind we statemen call soccer. But, of course if the Phillies or Eagles are playing, they’re sure to be on the screens as well.

The pub offers typical Irish fare with classics such as bangers and mash, shephard pie, and Guinness battered fish and chips. But there’s also more American offerings like burgers, grilled cheese or a simple turkey club.

For those on a liquid diet, the taps are pouring such brews as Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Yuengling, Boddington’s Pub Ale, Stella, Strongbow Cider, Harpoon IPA, Newcastle, Blue Moon and Beck’s Octoberfest. Mako's Bar & Grill

Mako's Bar & Grill

301 South St.

(215) 625-3677

If there's no good shows at the TLA and you're in the mood to listen to a good line up of music and put back a few beers, Mako's is a pretty good pick on South Street to accomplish both — and on the cheap. Some drinkers may shy away from Mako’s for its grungy and sometimes rough reputation, but then again, the those people don’t normally hang out on South.

The outside of the building is rather colorful, so it’s hard to miss — located on the corner of Third and in spitting distance of Lorenzo’s, famous for their pizza. Chances are the jukebox is already playing some pretty rockin music when you walk into Mako’s

The bar has three floors — the first with a big plasma TV and a long bar with stools and stocked beer fridges behind it. The floor to ceiling glass windows or doors across from the bar open up in warm weather to offer a prime spot for people watching. Upstairs, you’ll find pool tables, a dance floor and those shiny silver pools that ladies love to twirl around on when they’ve put a few beers back. If you’re looking for a deal, you can’t go wrong with Mako’s $5 dollar special — PBR and a shot. That’ll get your party going. Never a dull moment here! Copabanana


244 South St.

(215) 923-6180


There’s no doubt about it—South Street is full of culture and different styles. Copabanana is a good example of it, being a corner restaurant and bar, painted bright blue with neon green palm trees plastered to the side of it. On any given night (at least in decent weather) you may see patrons hanging out under the umbrellas, munching on some nachos or sipping on a margarita. This place is KNOWN for its salt-rimmed glasses full of the tequila loving cocktail. The drinks are served in their own shaker and you’re handed the glass -- enough to fill it up about one and half times. So if you’re in the mood for some Caribbean flair and a fruity cocktail while wandering down South, this is the place to be. Feel like munching? There’s Spanish fries, fajitas, quesadilla, coconut shrimp, burgers, barbecued salmon and more.

Margaritas are going to run you about eight bucks, but if that’s what you’ve got a hankering for, it’s well worth it. Flavors range from orange-mango, to raspberry and pomegranate and other fruity drinks include a refreshing mojito, martinis for the more ambitious or sangrias for those who aren’t. If salt-rimmed glasses aren't your thing, there's still a pretty impressive list of beers to choose from. Domestic offerings include the obvious major brewers, but also Allagash White, Anchor Steam, Brooklyn Brown Ale, Magic Hat, PBC, Troegs, and Victory. Still want to soak up some of the tropical flair? There’s also Coronoa, Dos Equis, and Negra Modello on bottle. Draft beers upstairs change weekly. Happy Hour specials from five in the evening to seven o’clock include appetizers for five bucks, $2 of cocktails and a buck off beer. Go on Thursday and all fruit margaritas are just $5, or half price on Monday from four in the afternoon to ten o’clock at night.