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Preston and Steve present Gobblaroo 2009 at Tower Theatre-Featuring Dave Attell


Each year 93.3 WMMR and it's bevy of personalities each present a different event on the night before Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Gobblaroo.  Pierre Robert hosted the Beru Revu.  Casey from the Preston and Steve Show presented a Phish concert.  And, Preston and Steve presented a comedy show at the famous Tower Theatre in Upper Darby.  Gobblaroo 2009

Yours truly headed to the town of Upper Darby with his girlfriend Wednesday night to enjoy an evening of some raunchy, filthy comedy and I must say Upper Darby is an interesting place.  I went to a concert years ago at the Tower Theatre and didn't remember Upper Darby resembling North Philly, but then again I was imbibed that night.  Let's just say I was shocked with how rough Upper Darby looked.   I'll leave it at that.  While waiting for the doors to open at 7:00 many people were accosted by a hustler claiming to be a homeless person, which brought back memories of Temple University.  Been there, seen that a thousand times.

Enough about that though, let's get to the good stuff. The lineup? Quite incredible I must say.  You will be hard pressed to find a better trio of comics in one evening.  

Jeffrey Ross, Greg Giraldo, and Dave Attell all took the stage Wednesday night.  And, Philly-area native Joe DeRosa served as the emcee.

Preston and Steve poked out from behind the stage in the very beginning to welcome everybody to the show.  And, they handed it off to the leadoff man and emcee Joe DeRosa.

DeRosa, who is a native of the Philadelphia-area was quite candid with his life experiences.  DeRosa was great as the emcee and warmed up the crowd and took the stage in between the three acts.  DeRosa was quite adamant about his love for video games and hatred for sports and had the crowd rolling.

Jeffrey Ross, is known as an insult comic and is frequenter on the roasts on Comedy Central.  Ross didn't split any hairs though; he poked fun at his weight and his love for food.  His self depracating humor reminds me of Jim Norton.  The funniest part of his act was when he pulled several guys up on stage along with his cousin from the area.  Ross was raunchy, filthy, vulgar and everything I love in a comedian. 

Greg Giraldo took the stage after Ross and gone is the clean-cut image from several years back.  Giraldo now looks like he could be a front-man in a rock band.  After the show Jeffrey Ross told him he looked like Dane Cook.  Giraldo was great of course.  He's going through a difficult time in his life, but like many comedians do, he's using comedy as the outlet for it.  Giraldo was quite candid about the divorce he's going through and didn't bum the audience out.  Rather it was quite the contrary.

After Giraldo it was time for the headliner of the evening, Dave Attell, but not before what seemed like a long intermition.Dave Attell Tower Theatre

When Attell finally took the stage he looked like Bill Belichik after an evening of drinking.  Attell stepped onto the stage wearing beat up jeans, a sweatshirt and dark hooded sweatshirt. Comedians like Attell don't need to dress for the occasion; their material speaks for itself.  Attell is all about substance and when you see him perform he's as good as it gets.  Attell like Ross is a very filthy comic.  If you are squeamish and easily offended then you didn't belong at the Tower.  If you have a quality sense of humor like myself then this was your bag.  Giraldo provided a good switch-up as he isn't quite as filthy as his counterparts, but can hold his own with anybody. 

All three comics along with the emcee DeRosa brought their A-games on Wednesday night and gave the crowded threatre 3 1/2 hours of awesome entertainment.  Many of the tickets were $30 and you just can't get this type of entertainment for that cheap.

Philly2Philly.com gives kudos to Preston and Steve, WMMR, Jeffrey Ross, Dave Attell, Greg Giraldo, and Joe DeRosa for putting on one hell of a show. It was a team effort and the whole team delivered in a big way.  And, lastly  I would like to give special thanks to Nick McIlwain from the Preston and Steve Show for helping to make this possible. 

If you get a chance to see the comedy show next year, by all means get down to the event.  You are in for several hours of cheap fun. 

And, in this day and age, what more can we ask for?