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Punk Rock Flea Market Time Again In Philly!


Forget about dealing with the crazy mall crowds this time of year! If you’re looking to get that special someone a gift you can’t find anywhere else, or you’re dying to spend some money on yourself for once, the Punk Rock Flea Market is where it’s at. Inside the Punk Rock Flea Market

Offering a cornucopia of vintage, handmade, and used items, the flea market is one of the most looked-forward to events the city has to offer. This year, the bi-annual event is slated for Dec. 19 and 20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, at the Starlight Ballroom on 460 N. Ninth Street, just off Spring Garden. Whether you’re looking for old records, vintage or hand-made clothes, original artwork, jewelry, or random things like instruments and furniture or even home-baked treats, you’ll find it all, and then some, at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Started in 2003 by Sean Agnew of R5 Productions  to help raise money for sound equipment for his shows, the flea market has been held every year since and has gotten even bigger as time has gone on. “It started out being once a year and the turnouts kept growing so we decided to make it twice a year,” Agnew said. It’s become so popular for both vendors and shoppers that there have been requests to hold it three times a year, Agnew said. But that’s a decision that hasn’t been made just yet.

The weekend event this year will be held over two days to accommodate the crowds according to Agnew, who says there will be even more vendors, just spread out over the two days which should make for more room to shop. The last market, held in the summer, featured 145 tables and more than 4,500 people came out to browse, shop and score some rare finds. That’s compared to the first time it was held at the First Unitarian Church where there were just 20 sellers and 500 shoppers.

Admission is just $3 per person, but tables are sold for $40 and up. The entrance fee, considered a “donation,” Agnew said, goes toward R5’s insurance policy. Money raised through the cost of the tables helps pay for the event itself, including staff, table rentals and the set up. This year, Agnew said he’s expecting to see a lot more people selling their old stuff, much like a normal flea market. A full list of vendors is available online. Punk Rock Flea Market

The $3 you pay at the door - or $6 if you come both days - will help keep up R5 Productions ability to organize shows for the city. But the small entrance fee is also well worth getting inside to find some rare treasures. “It's actually fun, and most people seem to enjoy themselves,” Agnew said. “It's a great place to pick up weird or unique gifts for friends and family. Plus that $3 goes a long way helping us maintain the ability to host concerts.” Agnew’s personal favorites: “Andrew Jeffrey Wright from Space 1026 (who makes some weird weird/funny prints and shirts) and anyone selling their old record collection. Tip for you folks out there: Get there EARLY as the records are the first thing to go!”

Having attended the past few years, here’s some tips for shoppers:

- Get there early. The best stuff sells out first -- and fast. And you’ll avoid some of the worst crowds.

- Bring cash and lots of it, especially small bills. You’ll never know what you’ll find and running out of cash can be tricky without an ATM.

- Dress in layers, or wear a T-shirt. Yes, it may be 40 degrees out and icy now, but it will be like a million degrees inside.

- Bring a bag. The vendors may have one to offer you if you make a purchase, but maybe not. You don’t want your arms full while shopping.

- If you get claustrophobic, you may want to take your meds. It’s going to be packed inside.

- Don’t forget your ID - that is if your 21. There’s a bar! And there’s also food to buy inside.