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Cirque Dreams Holidaze Show now at the Trump Taj Mahal


Santa With Puppets

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to take your friends or family to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze, now playing at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City until December 13. Created and directed by Neil Goldberg, Cirque Dreams Holidaze is an original new musical spectacular filled with bright colors, characters and music. The show takes audience members on a fantastical journey as ornaments come to life and costumed characters perform acrobatic tricks and aerial feats that celebrate the holiday season! Showcasing an international cast of singers, dancers, acrobatics, aerialists, and musicians, the show also features gingerbread men flipping through the air, toy soldiers marching on thin wires, penguins spinning, puppets caroling and reindeer soaring above the winter wonderland scenery. Lyra

Since its inception in 1993, Cirque Productions  has produced and created over 13 shows, each altered for theatres, casinos and worldwide tours. The Cirque Dreams phenomenon began in 2002, with the show: Cirque Dreams and since then, over 50 million people worldwide have experienced a Cirque Dreams brand show. Cirque Dreams Holidaze is the latest from Goldberg who developed the Cirque Dreams brand of entertainment with is responsible for such show as: Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Illumination, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia, Cirque Dreams Coorbrila and Cirque Dreams Ingenieux.

With his new holiday musical, that lights up the season and stage: Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Goldberg says his newest addition, continues with the brands dramatic and elaborate Broadway style, with influences of American, European and circus artistry that takes audiences to a whole new world of imagination. It takes over 100 dazzling costumes to bring all the characters to life in this show! The Cirque Dreams brand has been manufacturing every costume, mask, wig, hat, and wardrobe accessory worn in every show since 1993 with each production averaging over 200 components ranging from makeup to wigs to shoes. The costume and design construction even includes the hand painting of the masks, puppet construction and body molding. Diablo Cirque

And while you’re sitting in the audience, if you’ve ever imagined yourself onstage—you might get your wish! Beginning in 2008, a program, “Run Away with Cirque Dreams” has offered dozens of talented aspiring American artists from ages 9 to 74, the opportunity to perform in a live Cirque Dreams show. For more information, check out “Run Away with Cirque Dreams”.

Ticket prices for Cirque Dreams Holidaze are $35 and $25. Tickets can be obtained by either calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-736-1420, on-line or in person at the Trump Taj Mahal Box Office. For box office hours and more information call (609) 449-5150.