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Philly Geeks Tweet Their E3 Predictions


e3 conventionBy the time you read this, the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) will have kicked off. Around this time every year, video game developers and publishers from all over the world flock to the Los Angeles Convention Center to preview their upcoming video games to the press. This media blitz has been going on since 1995. It just so happens that the start of this year’s E3 corresponds with the launch of Philly2Philly, and there’s just no way I could let the site debut without an E3 prediction feature to call its own. So I contacted some of Philadelphia’s most prominent video game geeks as well as some additional friends from the gaming press and cultivated a handful of predictions via Twitter.

Originally from New Jersey, Eric Smith moved to Philadelphia after being accepted to Arcadia University’s Masters Program. Eric came to love Philadelphia so much that he not only chose to remain in the city, but also started the Philly-centric blog Geekadelphia. Eric channeled optimism and enthusiasm in his E3 twitter prediction:

Eric Smith, Geekadelphia:

Ben Gilbert graduated from Temple University in 2008 with a Bachelor's in Magazine Journalism. He managed to catch the attention of Joystiq Editor-in-Chief (and fellow Philadelphia resident) Chris Grant while writing for Geekadelphia. Grant quickly made Ben a part of the Joystiq team. When I asked Ben to tweet over his E3 predictions, he had plenty to say:

Ben Gilbert, Joystiq:

Troy D. Patterson is a native Philadelphian and a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Troy is not only a lifelong gamer, but also an aspiring video game developer. He flexes his extensive video game knowledge every week on the New Game Radio podcast. Unlike Ben and Eric, Troy's decided to be a bit more cynical when he tweeted his response:

Troy D. Patterson, New Game Plus:

Mr Troy Tweeter

To wrap things up, I wrangled some tweets from friends in the gaming press who live outside of Delaware Valley, including Garnett Lee from 1UP and Chris Plante from UGO:

Garnett Lee, 1UP:

(MW2 is short for Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to Infinity Ward's acclaimed Call of Duty 4.)

Chris Plante, UGO:

So there you have it, E3 predictions from some of Philadelphia’s finest video game geeks as well as two well-known video game reporters. Now that you’ve read their E3 Twitter Predictions, what are yours? Post your predictions in the comment section below or send a tweet our way @philly2philly.