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The Gladiator Sandal: Hot Trend in Summer 2009


When you hear the term gladiator, what comes to mind? Is it Russell Crowe? the Coliseum? Or men fighting to their bloody death? Well whatever it is, I'm sure you don’t think of a hip and hot fashion trend: the gladiator sandal.Gladiator Sandal- Black

Yes, that’s right, “gladiator” is now commonly used in reference to the multi-strapped, flat, wedged, or high-heeled sandal. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna and Charlize Theron are wearing them just to name a few! You can pair these fierce shoes with everyday looks like shorts and a tank-top, or even with your LBD (little black dress).

If you’re feeling daring, these savage-type sandals look good in all different colors. So don’t be afraid of trying metallics, purples and browns. As for the cost, don’t worry. You too can have this current “it” shoe for a reasonable price. I always say, “You can look like a celebrity without having to pay that celebrity money.”

So listen up Philly, here’s how you can do it. Have you heard of Bare Feet Shoes? They are located all around the city of Philadelphia: South Street, Chestnut Street and Columbus Blvd. The reason why I suggest Bare Feet Shoes is because they have a wide variety, great prices and convenient locations. The flat gladiator sandal ranges from $19.99 to $44.99, while the wedged or heeled versions will run you $24.99 to $84.99. Not bad, huh? The price gets higher depending on the style, brand, and whether it’s wedged or heeled. Not to worry, there are other stores in the city that also sell the gladiator sandal for a steal.

Now you know one of the hottest trends of the summer and where to find it, so why not try the infamous, funky, gladiator sandal? And if you find that the sandal is not right for you, that’s okay. You can always opt for the traditional flip-flop.

Gladiator Sandal- WhiteIf you do decide to get down and dirty with the gladiator sandal or the flip-flop, please ladies, get those pedicures!