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It’s That Time Again!


Do you feel the weather getting hotter? Do you hear flip-flops flopping? Are you bombarded with images of the latest summer gear and dare I say, swimsuits? Well    unfortunately ladies, they are all telltale signs that it’s that time again!

Whether it’s a pool party, a stroll on the beach, or a day of sun-tanning with the girls, we all have to do the inevitable: pick out a swimsuit. But I’m here to help you; I’m going to give you some fitness tips and help you find the right swimsuit for your shape. Let’s try to make this experience not so terrifying!

So first things first. I don’t care if you find the best, most expensive “miracle” swimsuit. If you’re not in shape, you’re wasting your money. Now I’m not saying that you have to be a fitness guru or anything, but it’s important to tone up and work on your problem areas (we all have them, so don’t be ashamed!)

Here are some tips that I found that work and you may have heard them before.


1. Eat Right:  Avoid starches, artificial foods, and high sodium. Instead, substitute those with your intake of fruits and veggies as well as plenty of water. Watch those calories also! If you tend to overeat, then what you can do is write down everything you eat. You become aware and eventually change the outcome of your overall body/health. (The average daily calorie intake for women 18+ is 2,000).

2. Cardio and Weight Training:  I know, I’m so sorry, but you must sweat! It’s nasty, doesn’t smell the best, but it’s a sure sign that you are burning those calories and shedding those pounds. I workout 5 days a week with a mixture of cardio and weight training. I do at least 20 to 30 minutes on the treadmill plus crunches, squats and side leg lifts. And I tone up my arms by doing a variety of 10-pound weight lifts. So ladies, I know for a fact that this will get you into tiptop swimsuit shape! But if you’re just starting out, don’t get discouraged, just take it a day at a time.

3. Willpower:  Understand that everyone is different. We all have different metabolisms and genetics, so some may drop pounds faster than others, but no matter what, you must stick with it!


Even those people who exercise daily have days where they just don’t feel like doing it. The difference is, they make up in their mind that they are going to suck it up and get to sweating. And if your swimsuit has to be your motivator, well then go for it. Just don’t quit!

So now that we have the fitness tips out of the way, I think that we are ready to try on those swimsuits! But before we go into the dressing room, lets find out what type of swimsuit works for your shape.


1. Pear Shape:  If you’re a pear shaped, more than likely you would like to minimize your thighs. Here’s what you can do: find a swimsuit that draws attention upward, rather than downward. So if you want to get a two-piece, try a pop of color for your bust area or some type of design that not only keeps the focus upward, but also balances out your shape. If you feel more comfortable in a one-piece then the same rule applies: play-up your top area!

2. Big Bust:  If you are large on top, you want to avoid swimsuits that have no support or lift. The key is finding a halter type swimsuit that provides that support as well as lift and flatter your cleavage. The halter allows you to adjust the straps accordingly as well.

3. Mid-Section:  If you are worried about showcasing your belly, then you may want to try those swimsuits that have control tops built in them (they are like spanx for your tummy). Another very fashionable thing you can do is wear a sarong of some sort to draw attention away from the belly.


Whatever swimsuit you choose, remember to use sunscreen and please shave/wax those bikini lines, under arms and legs (you don’t want to have a “Miranda” moment!) Okay, now I think you’re ready! Take a deep breath and step into those dressing rooms!