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Spicing Up Your Cube


Ahh Monday. What could be better!  Um…many, many things. Like going on vacation somewhere exotic, going on a shopping spree ,or even just chilling with friends. But in these depressing economic times, who can afford to go on a safari, let alone even traveling to the other side of the state.

So it’s time to bring the vacation to you by spicing up your workplace!  All too often, you are battling the fluorescent lights that give your skin a  green tinge, loud creaky filing cabinets, and uncomfortable chairs. Let the changes begin: try bringing in a small lamp in a soothing light (cream or blue), throw some fabric over your swivel chair with a comfy pillow, and try to ignore the squeaky co-worker on the other side of the partition.

Now, what are you in the mood for? Are you in a leopard state of mind? Are you feeling floaty in the Bahamas? Do you wish you were on your Harley, gone fishin’ or cooking in the kitchen?

Forget the water cooler, go Zen!

Ruka on South 19th Street offers a variety of Zenned-out items. Bamboo tea lights (Set of 3, $9.50) can set the tone and if you can’t light them inSalt lamp and tealight the workplace, they smell and look great. Floaty scarves, velvet throws and handmade pillows covers add a relaxing feel to a workspace, when all too often it is chaos. Another great relaxer is Himalayan salt rock crystal lamps. When heated through a candle or lamp light, they emit negative ions. These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them, cleaning the air (especially around computers and electronic items). Colors by Padmini in the King of Prussia Mall carries a great selection. (For a full view of more items, click on the photo gallery to the right!!)


Get a piece of fabric or a tablecloth (Joanne Fabrics, Wal-Mart, Target) in whatever mood you are feeling (Beachy with the fishies? leopard? zebra print? jewel tones? How about some E-A-G-L-E-S gear?) and cover your desktop, leaving room for your computer. Print out pictures of your favorite tropical scenes and post them at eye level around your cube. Wish you were on a Harley with the wind in your hair? Pictures of bikes and the open road will remind you that the weekend will come in a few days!

While your redecorating the cube, remember to find one special accent piece that will really keep you in a beach (Zen, safari, New York, home) state of mind. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, it could be a paperweight or a small figurine or a framed photo that lends a touch of fun to your workspace.

The Garden at Home Company has several ‘Life in Miniature’ scenes, including a mini fishing set (with a tiny rod), a mini golf game, mini wine tasting, and mini hors d'oeuvres kit, all perfect for your cube.



Load up your iPod with songs to keep your refreshed – if you can listen at your desk, get ready to rock out!

Harley- Davidson: Music by Billy Idol, Lynard Skynard, Steve Miller Band and George Thorogood.

Zen: Tantra Lounge, World Music, Yoga Chants

Beach Tunes: Jimmy Buffet, The Beach Boys

Kitchen/ Cooking: Billy Holiday, Glenn Miller Band

General Fun Music: Counting Crows, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Jack Johnson, Michelle Branch, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce

Now, at least Mondays are somewhat bearable! And just maybe that cutie around the corner will stop by to find out where you got your mini fishing pole!

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