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Kristin Cavallari: Hot Happenings in The Hills


After starring in MTV’s hit reality TV series “The Hills”, Lauren Conrad bid her fans goodbye in the recent season finale. But havoc in the hills isn’t  Kristin Cavallari at Murmurover just yet. The series now has a brand new blonde-haired bombshell: Kristin Cavallari- Conrad’s former rival and cast mate from “Laguna Beach”-- the reality TV show that started it all by following around the pair and their friends during their high school days. 

“It’s exactly the same,” said Cavallari in a recent interview at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. “It’s the same kind of format and everything. It’s the same crew, but it’s just Laguna-I knew everyone and "The Hills" is a whole different cast, so it’s just taking a little bit of getting used to.”

The show now focuses on the life of 22 year old Cavallari and her relationships with current cast members. Even though she’s totally enjoying her new celebrity status, Cavallari believes she is still grounded. “I really don’t consider myself to be super famous or anything!” She says with a laugh. While the new season of “The Hills” has only been shooting for a few weeks, Cavallari is already having a blast. “It’s been great and I know the whole crew and it’s been really comfortable, which is great. I just think it’s been fun to be back and doing reality TV and I think that "The Hills" needed a little spice – so I think I’m going to bring that!”

With a big smile, Cavallari also promises to be responsible for some juicy antics on the show. “There’s definitely going to be a lot of DRAMA and I’m going to bring a lot of action!”

Of course, with all attention, criticism also follows the new reality TV starlet. “I don’t feel the pressure to be super thin,” she explains. “I mean yes, I do think the media puts a lot of pressure on young girls to be thin, but I think if you surround yourself with good family and good friends, then that kind of bad stuff just kind of goes out the window. It’s not really what’s important.”

MTV is already hyping up “The Hills” (Season: 5) by running trailers that say: “Nothing stays the same, but some things just get better.” So starting this fall, get ready to watch your guilty pleasure again. Especially with the addition of Cavallari, who is sure to turn up the heat in "The Hills."

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