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On A Dime


Local entertainment that won't break the bank

In these economically trying times that we live in today, it’s easy to feel like you are no longer entitled to a little fun every once in a while. Saturday evenings that used to be filled with trips out to restaurants and movies, are now replaced with a Red Box DVD at home and a box of wine. This new stinginess is all well and good, but going for too long without giving into some out-of-the-house entertainment can get a little old.
It can be hard dealing with the guilt of spending money when every logical bone in your body tells you to save, save, SAVE. I would like to prove that there really can be ways to entertain yourself cheaply that don’t involve as much sacrifice as you may think. My goal will be to present you with something fun and frugal to allow you to maintain your sanity in this overly stressed out world. It’s all about moderation and creativity. You really can have it all- on a dime.

Sometimes finding something fun to do on a budget is as easy as looking back to your childhood. Waltz Golf Farm in Limerick, PA is sure to take you back to that simpler time when you preferred macaroni and cheese to filet minion and you frequented playgrounds instead of bars. The farm boasts two 18-hole miniature golf courses and a 9-hole par 3. They also have a driving range and batting cages.

Waltz Golf Farm

For my visit to the green, my caddy and I chose the Castle course, the more challenging of the two which features a fairytale castle, challenging shots, and moving obstacles. This course costs $6.50 per person on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Waltz Golf Farm

I think my favorite part of Waltz Golf Farm is the beautiful way the courses are lit in the evenings. Surreal and colorful lights, reminiscent of something out of Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, surround the holes.

Waltz Golf Farm

My OTHER favorite part is the ice cream shop. They have 26 flavors of soft serve and a nice selection of hand dipped as well. On this trip, I decided on the Red Velvet Cake flavor. No regrets. My caddy tried a pretzel cone. All told, the ice cream totaled $8. We could have made it even cheaper, but I couldn’t resist the red velvet.

Our total bill for a round of golf for two, plus refreshments, was $21. Not to shabby  considering what movie tickets cost these days!

Waltz Golf Farm is situated within the Turtle Creek Golf Course and is located in Limerick, PA along Ridge Pike. For more information please visit http://www.turtlecreekgolf.com.


Waltz Golf Farm