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Summertime is for... Ale!


If there is one thing I appreciate about a bar's happy hour, it's the fact that they usually start around the time I get off work. To me, you can't beat clocking out after an eight-hour day, heading to Center City, and grabbing a drink while enjoying a lively, social atmosphere. Especially, since it's only the middle of July, I am elated that I still have another month to enjoy Philadelphia's best happy hour of the year, Center City Sips.

Take it from me. If you need something easy and cheap to help you make it through until Friday and you enjoy being around a nice crowd, Center City Sips helps people like you and I enjoy the Center City bar scene without the Center City prices.

I took a cab down to 19th and Chestnut to Devil's Alley, a popular bar with a lively, rock & roll atmosphere to grab a couple of Yuengling drafts and come cocktails. I spent about an hour there while I chatted with the people next to me. After awhile when I was finished sipping away at my beer, I asked for the check, which came to $7 total (not including tip). I smiled at the check, while the people next to me expected to see an amount that would otherwise fill my gas tank! Instead they too were surprised to see that each beer was only two dollars and the Rum Punch cocktail was only three dollars. I informed them of the weekly special that happens every Wednesday during Center City Sips.

After my visit, I wanted to see what some of the other Center City bars that were participating in Sips had to offer, so I made my way over to The Rum Bar Lounge & Restaurant to grab a beer and a bite to eat. When I got there, most of the plates seemed to have delicious mini burger appetizers on them, which was the apparent favorite. What made them even better- the appetizers in Center City are half-priced too. After a short time passed, I asked for the check, which came to $6 this time (including their special "Rum Barrel Lager", only $2).

Altogether, I spent about $13 not including tip throughout the evening; a fraction of what I usually spend when I go out to Center City. I was pleased to know that my wallet had no dents in it and I still had a great night! I can only hope that next Wednesday will be the same.

What you need to know:
Center City Sips takes place every Wednesday until August 26th, 5-7PM

Specials include $2 dollar beers, $3 dollar cocktails, and half priced appetizers.

You can find a list of participating restaurants here: http://www.centercityphila.org/life/SipsPartic.php