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Looking back at yesterday's Sunoco Welcome America festivities


Sunoco Welcome AmericaIf you were looking for something to do besides head to a picnic and drink yourself into oblivion (it is summer so nothing wrong with that) then you might have taken in the Sunoco Welcome America festivities on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia yesterday.

Despite having a hideously, abominable, horrific (insert any other adjective you may think of) June, with rain on just about every day, the worm has turned for the better this month.  Yesterday was a picture perfect day on The Parkway weather-wise.  And,Sunoco Welcome America combine that with the smell of hamburgers and BBQ chicken, which are synonymous with summertime, you have yourself a pristine July 4th.  

If you weren’t grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many stands you were sure to find plenty of other entertainment.  


Let’s turn to the Maximum Human Performance Liberty Strongman Classic sponsored by the Marines and House of Pain.

Glenn Ross, pictured below traveled all the way from Belfast, Irleand to compete.  

Sunoco Welcome America

Was I nervous as he was pulling a 33,000 pound truck with a rope being held to a gigantic tire that was sitting right beside me as I took these shots? Maybe a tad.

Sunoco Welcome America

Sunoco Welcome America

Sunoco Welcome America

But Ross managed to pull the truck on his own in just under 40 seconds.  And, shockingly he did not fall to the ground immediately like many of his competitors.

And, if you weren’t reserving your spot on the lawn for the Sheryl Crowe concert later that night like these folks then maybe you checked out the dunk contest.

Sunoco Welcome America

Sprite and The NBA had an open competition for the best dunker.  This contest enables anyone who can dunk to become the bestSunoco Welcome America dunker of their respective state.  

After that, they pick the top dunkers from the eight top cities in the country to see who can become the “true dunk champion.”

Ford was also there showing off their new vehicles and bringing people up on stage to show their rockstar skills on the “Rockband” game.

Sunoco Welcome AmericaAnd, if you especially brave then you could sign up for the open casting call for “Deal or No Deal.”

The Philadelphia Zoo also represented with some oddities.  I pity the poor snake that was sacrificed.  

All in all I give two thumbs way up to everybody who participated in the Sunoco Welcome America festivities.

This was a great way to spend your 4th of July whether or not you were sticking around until the concerts by Sheryl Crowe and The Roots, and oh yeah the main course of the evening; the fireworks.