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Drunk Day 2009: A Closer Look


DISCLAIMER: The following article is based strictly on the grounds of humor and nothing else. It is not by any means a promotion or encouragement of alcohol abuse on behalf of Philly2Philly.com or 93.3 WMMR. It should be noted that Co-host Steve Morrison of The Preston and Steve Show does not even partake in alcoholic beverages. Moreover, none of the contestants stepped behind the wheel of a vehicle when Drunk Day 2009 ended. The contestants who participated in this event were provided transportation to their preferred destination at the end of the show. All cautionary measures were provided and strictly enforced by The Preston and Steve Show crew.

In the first thirty days of our online existence, Philly2Philly.com has covered everything from the obvious to the obscure. And because we got so  Drunk Day 2009 flyersbored (not really!), we've decided to throw yet another adjective into the mix: random. That is exactly what we encountered at Preston and Steve's Drunk Day at WMMR Thursday morning. In the end, no egos were bruised, nobody "lost their lunch", NOBODY drove home, and everybody came away with plenty of laughs and many long-lasting "impressions."

The event (known as their "Public Service Announcement"), takes place annually on the last working weekday prior to the July 4th weekend (Preston and Steve are off this coming Friday and Monday). There are contests between the featured drinkers throughout the course of the show, which often result in occurrences and mishaps that are beyond hilarious, and cannot possibly be scripted if you tried.

The fifth installment of this series (sixth overall if you count the lone appearance on Y-100) featured Philadelphia Eagles fullback Kyle Eckel, and Dave Magrowan and Kildare's Girlslongtime Preston and Steve calender girl and first ever Miss FHM Lauren Harris. The food and spirits were provided by Kildare's Irish Pub, under supervision of Owner and Operator Dave Magrogan and Marketing Director Frank Daly.

The spread was impressive to say the least- roast beef sandwiches, pretzel towers, several bottles of champagne, Red Bull, Jagermeister, various assortments of Stoli Vodka, Southern Comfort, and Harp Lager were placed out by Associate Producer Marisa Magnatta, who warmly greets us as we enter the room. Kildare's donation makes our contribution, which consists of a six-pack of Pacifico  (for producer Nick McIlwain), and various rum and vodka bottles seem rather small to say the least.

 I was then invited by Caseyboy and Nick to follow them into an isolated room, where we proceed to scream drinking chants at the top of our lungs with the interns (yep, those guys who "sounded" like drunken idiots throughout the show- I was one of them).

 After all of the formalities, bartenders Rickki (Newark location) and Anna (Manayunk location) bring in the first shots of Lauren HarrisSouthern Comfort, and the event begins. Prior to her first drink, Lauren forewarns everyone that she can either go "fun" or "mean" while intoxicated as she drinks a Malibu Bay Breeze. Kyle looks generally excited and happy to be there.

Around the seven o'clock hour, the first contest begins. This is when things get interesting, and the effects of the alcohol eventually start to take its toll on Lauren. Host Preston Elliot asks the callers to ask questions to Kyle and Lauren to see just how "alert" their senses are after a few beverages.

A caller asks Lauren to name the first five books of the Bible. Lauren nails all five. Kyle is asked what literary term "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" is by one caller. He correctly responds with "alliteration." Although Lauren can't remember the question Kyle was asked, several more questions are asked which they both get right. However, neither one can figure out the last word in "God Bless America" (home) or the meaning of "sapien" (knowing).

Lauren then goes on to explain how fishes breathe by opening their mouths. She also mentions how she once removed a pebble that was lodged in the mouth of a fish by using tweezers.

"Masterpiece of Ass Theater" starts the eight o'clock hour. Kyle and Lauren recite particular scenes from classic movies. The two finish a scene Kyle Eckelfrom  "Titantic." Lauren needs her second bathroom break and can barely finish the scene for "A Streetcar Named Desire" due to "script blurriness." Kyle apologizes to Karl Malden, who starred in the original film and passed away the day before. The pair rebounds with a strong scene from "Jerry MaGuire", but follow-up with a so-so performance from "Top Gun".

 In the nine o'clock hour, Lauren returns from another bathroom break wearing a green skirt. The beer pong table is set up for "Beer Thong". The goal of the game is similar to beer pong, but it involves drinking AND articles of clothing.

Lauren starts talking trash to Kyle as they both down another shot. She then asks Preston and Steve if balls can be blown out of the cup if the land in there. Kyle wins the coin toss. As the two both sink their warm-up shots, Lauren finally makes due on her promise to name every book in the Bible. But by now all rationale with Lauren is gone. Feel free to use your imagination, but I will say this: Kyle did sink all four of his shots...............

Truth or Dare begins around nine thirty. Highlights included Lauren declining a truth question and having to take a spoonful of wasabi. She is also dared to "duck walk" across the WMMR hallway (which she does, kind of). Kyle was dared to performBeer Thong the "Carlton Dance" from "The Fresh Prince of Bell Air." As the show draws to a close, Lauren, who is now body painted, challenges Kyle to a "dance off" to "Thriller." Kyle brings out the chair.

He falls as he attempts his grand finale. Madness ensues and drinking now ceases. A final breathalyzer test (which was used several times to monitor Kyle and Lauren's BAC) is administered by the local police. Kyle finishes with a 0.37. Lauren, who broke several blowing sticks on the breathalyzer earlier in the morning, FINALLY registers with a 0.30 BAC.


Nick warned me at the start that Drunk Day has the potential to not only get completely out ofLauren Harris attempts the "Thriller" dance control, but also get very hazardous to the participant's health.

Luckily, the only thing that hurt Lauren was the hangover she was going to have as her plane left for Las Vegas later that afternoon. Kyle, who was in great spirits, looked like he could have gone five more hours.

 We asked Preston whether he was surprised as far as the cleanliness of this years contest. "As far as not making a physical mess, oh yeah. We usually get the tarps down and ready to go in case anybody breaks out anything messy. We avoided all that. Nobody threw up, so that's good!"

"Lauren was bubbly, goofy, and funny as hell. It was a lot of fun."

I think we can ALL drink to that.

Check out some of Aileen Bannon's preliminary photos from Drunk Day 2009 @ http://philly2philly.com/culture/lens   


Janis Productions filmed, edited, and produced the piece.