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Go Bold


You may have heard the saying "Less is best" from your mom when you were growing up, but ladies forget all about that. This Summer season it's all about going BOLD! Whether it's a colorful waist belt, clutch or the gladiator sandal, it's all about making a powerful statement! So if you're used to wearing little studs, thin bracelets and small necklaces, get ready to pack them away for now. Modest is definitely out and noticeable is in!

I'm talking about big earrings (seen in gallery below), thick bracelets (pictured on the right) and gaudy necklaces (in gallery below). Here's a rule of thumb, if you think that it's not big enough, then you're probably right! This trend is Summer Fashion supposed to standout and it doesn't matter if you choose the chandelier or hoop-type earrings, just as long as if they're spotted a mile away! The same goes for your bracelet or bangle to get that extra glam look. Now, to make your bracelet stand out, you may want to try the stack effect: don't just wear one thick bracelet, but try two or three. A great cost-effect way to do this is to reuse your old jewelry by adding it to your new stuff and just like that you have a brand new trendy look! The same applies for your necklace. Try pairing up different types of necklaces by mixing and matching colors, shapes and sizes to get a fabulous look.

Even though bigger is better this season, don't get carried away, and commit a fashion crime. Please don't wear all three big accessories at the same time! If you do, you will be committing a felony in the world of fashion. But here's what you can do: pair the earrings with the bracelets/bangles, or the necklace with the bracelets/bangles, it's important to only have one big item from your neck up, so try either big earrings OR a big necklace.

Now, for where to get some big and bold accessories, many stores carry these items but two good stores to try are Claire's (which is light on the wallet) and Macy's (heavier on the wallet but known for carrying designer brands.) Honestly, it just comes down to what you're willing to spend. Also, keep in mind that all of these accessories can be worn with a basic summer dress, tee or halter-top and can even work for a special night out on the town. Just remember to have fun, make it your own and make it bold! You know what I always say: you can look like a celebrity without having to pay that celebrity money!  So ladies, get noticed this season! And remember its not about playing it safe, but its about going bold!