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Slice of Suburbia--Media


Hello P2P readers. Welcome to the newest feature on Philly2Philly.com- Slice of Suburbia ™ where I’ll be featuring various towns outside of Philadelphia. While Philly2Philly.com is totally dedicated to all things Philly, we also want to reach out to our readers living on the edge.

Today I am focusing on the town of Media, PA. I hadn’t been to Media in quite a long time! My recent trip was to see my friend Maggie Juliano’s new yoga studio, Sprout Yoga, at the Tango411 Studio located on Gayley Street. Sprout Yoga is devoted to helping those who have suffered the devastating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders. Maggie’s vision is to provide trauma sufferers with free yoga therapy, and cultivate a better self-image. Sprout Yoga also has regularly scheduled classes so check out www.sproutyoga.org and stop in for a class. Tango411 Studio also offers classes in tango, Irish, ballroom and tribal belly dancing classes. Check the schedule at www.tango411.com

After checking out the bright airy studio, I continued onto State Street, which seems to be the main drag. There are many quaint little shops, eateries and stores, as well as a Trader Joe’s.

I first wandered into One or Two of a Kind on East State Street, a cute place that offers ‘Gifts and Re-gifts.’ Clients can bring in slightly used or unused gifts— the more unusual the better— and get paid on the spot for their item! Plus, the best part, 10% of the sale of the item goes to local charities. You can find anything here: hand-painted wineglasses, nose tissue boxes, jewelry, music boxes, home goods, used books and lots of other trinkets are in this shop for all seasons.

Next I went into Earth & State which was a shop filled with an awesome array of hand-crafted pottery, jewelry, crafts, gifts and art made out of stones, metals, woods, textiles, paper, wires and glass! After further inspection, I realized, it is all made by local and international artists, including several fair trade organizations. This is a very cool, happy shop; I really enjoyed shopping in here and even purchased a pottery serving tray! Check out www.earthandstate.com for more info on upcoming events in the store.

After all that shopping and walking around, it was definitely time to have some food. I enjoyed a slice of pizza from Little Anthony’s and continued my adventure in Quincy’s, an old-fashioned-shop with old-world gifts. Everywhere I turned, I saw something different: Christmas items, flags, jams and jellies, salt crystal lamps, the list goes on and on. I decided to use some of my birthday money and splurged on two funky seahorse pictures for my ocean-inspired bathroom!

In case you didn’t know, Media is also home to “2nd Saturday,” where they offer a night of music, art, food and shopping. You can check out the arts, stroll through Media for musical theatre demos, enjoy diverse artwork at galleries, visit the museum, do yoga or tango, get some ice cream, pick up unique gifts or even just relax at one of Media’s many upscale restaurants. The “2nd Saturdays” are coordinated by the Media Arts Council volunteers. Media’s vibe is very calm and funky, ideal for a first date or a great night out. Stop by on a “2nd Saturday” or anytime!

Got a Slice of Suburbia you’d like me to check out- drop me a line or leave a comment!

You can contact Christine Tarlecki at engchik@comcast.net or http://engchik.blogspot.com/


Sprout Yoga- Tango 411 Studio, 119 Gayley Street, Media

One or Two of a Kind - 9 East State Street, Media

Quincy’s- 2 W State Street, Media

Little Anthony’s- 8 West State Street, Media

Earth & State- 23 West State Street, Media