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Danny Bonaduce's 50th Birthday Bash


Danny Bonaduce will be the first to tell you he has had one heck of a ride on the Hollywood rollercoaster and says he has made every possible mistake in life. So, it would have to take bands, bikinis, bunny’s and booze to make one banging birthday bash for the 94.1 WYSP morning show host! On Friday night, that was the backdrop as the American Icon celebrated his 50th birthday in true Bonaduce-style at the Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar in Atlantic City.

There was certainly a lot of ‘brotherly love’ in the city ‘that’s always turned on’ with all the fun-filled festivities. In one corner, representatives from Playboy were offering women the opportunity to be discovered. The casting calls are taking place every Friday in August, which on this particular night, was the perfect compliment for Bonaduce’s party.

Bonaduce, a Broomall native, is back in Philly at WYSP, where he first began his radio career and says preparation for his show now is pretty unique. Asking him to describe his future show schedule, he replied, “If I told you what you could expect, it wouldn’t be my show. Because, I do not know, I swear to God, everybody asks me all the time how do you keep your energy up so high and the answer is: terror. I never know what I’m going to say ever. I usually have one story like, ‘my girlfriend and I got into a fight’ and tell that story at six and then the show snowballs and I don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad, so I’m scared the whole four hours so I don’t know what to expect but I hope it’s good.”

With a huge listening audience, Bonaduce brings his own unique style, to everything he does. For example, he is currently on a quest to shake one million hands. Friday night, fans were excitedly trying to get near him to help him hit his mark.

In addition to being a radio and television personality, comedian, professional wrestler and a celebrity boxing fixture, this former child actor may best be known for his role as Danny Partridge, the wisecracking middle son of the singing pop band on the 1970’s television series The Partridge Family.

But the music selected for his big day, couldn’t have been more different from the music his TV family use to perform. Fosterchild, one of Bonaduce’s favorite bands, rocked the beach bar as patrons sang along and danced.

The band has been working on their debut music video which is being directed by Chris Raab, the mastermind producer behind such productions as “Jackass” and “Viva La Bam”. The Philadelphia based rock group is made up of Brian Quinn (guitarist), Danny Beissel (vocals), Bob Pirylis (drums) and Mike Vlaanderen (bass). Founder and guitarist, Brian Quinn spoke with me during one of the bands breaks and said they’re really excited to be featured in “Road Scholars”, a new reality show directed and produced by Raab.

On this cool, summer evening, as the rock music drowned out the sounds of the ocean, people of all ages found a reason to celebrate: Danny Bonaduce turned 50 years old and told them to join him in partying hard all night long!

To watch a video clip of Veronica Dudo’s interview with Danny Bonaduce visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8rLqLBLQb4

CREDIT:   Photos by: Tom Briglia / PhotoGraphics