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Backstage With American Idol Winner Kris Allen


It’s a goal people in American strive for everyday. It’s a lifestyle only a select few get to enjoy. It’s a dream that has come true for Kris Allen, a 24 year old Southern guy who is now a household name. “I would say it’s been life changing. The beauty of American Idol is, it takes fairly regular people and makes them pop stars.”

In a backstage interview, the 2009 American Idol winner Kris Allen spoke with me about the much talked about competition, the current tour and his newly found career.

“It’s completely life-changing, we’re making albums, we’re on tour right now, a big tour, playing in arenas I’ve never been on tour, expect in small clubs this is such a change from my life before, so things have completely changed for me I’d say.”

As American Idol viewers know, every audition is different and the story behind it unique. Allen auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol in Louisville, Kentucky with his brother, who did not make the cut to Hollywood. He gained notoriety later on, in the competition, receiving compliments by the judges for his folk inspired versions of modern pop songs. Anxious fans are excited to hear these unique songs on his upcoming album. “We come out with an album in November. We’ve been working on it doing a lot of co-writing stuff so I think we have some good stuff so far. We’re trying to finish it out and we’re trying to get it out in November so I think it’s going really well.”

Another Idol first this talent packed season, was the much talked about battle between Lambert and Allen. Both were commended for their creative musical talent in the final weeks of the competition leaving everyone guessing who would win.

Talking about his on-stage rivalry with Lambert, Allen says, “I think the weird thing about us, is that there was some competitive nature obviously, but in that, we got along incredibly, throughout the whole year.” Even when reflecting on the cast as a whole, Allen shares, “I can say that we’ve talked about having reunions and that kind of thing at everyone’s house like every year, having the 10 people come back and just have a good time. So, I would say we’re really close and we’ve had a great time spending it with each other and it will be a sad day for sure when the tour is over.”

Currently, rumors are swirling on whether or not Paula Abdul will have a role on American Idol in the future. According to Allen, the contestants always appreciated Abdul’s words of encouragement. “I think the show is going to miss her I really do. She started out the show and she did so many great things for that show and more than anything she was a lot of the reason people watched and she’s so loving and she never had anything bad to say and even talking with her backstage, she was just like the nicest person really and giving gifts and inviting us to diner and all those kinds of things and she’s just so nice, so I think the contestants will miss that, I really do, but you know, the show has to go on and you know it’s American Idol they will prevail, I promise. But Paula will be fine; I have no doubt about that.”

American Idol has not only changed Allen’s life but also the lives of his family. It has even opened up job opportunities for his brother. “My parents get noticed all over the place, my wife gets noticed all over the place.” But Allen says while his family has been enjoying their newly acquired attention, he also thinks they will be happy to get back into a normal routine.

As for the future, Allen, knows his life will never be the same and is trying to enjoy as much as he can now. One memory, he says that will last a lifetime was the day of his Hometown Show in Little Rock. “That was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life and I think they would actually say the same thing, like the rest of them. I was so impressed by like how seriously, I’d come out of the stage and they would not stop yelling for like four minutes and I think they would have kept on yelling forever if I didn’t start singing. You know, people in Arkansas get behind the people that come from there which is, no matter what I know I call it home.”

During our interview, it was evident that Allen was truly the same happy, genuine, down to earth musician he appeared to be on the American Idol stage.

To watch Veronica Dudo's video interview with Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Scott MacIntyre visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5T9Vq96axE

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