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Fall Fashion Alert


As the late and great MJ put it, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” But Philadelphia, we must say farewell to Summer. I know it’s still hot, pools are open and ladies are rocking the gladiator sandals. But soon and very soon leaves will start to fall and a new season will emerge. That’s right, I’m talking about harvest time: Fall! So, it’s time to stop thinking about those open-toe shoes and start thinking about that red, orange and brown time! I’m here to get you ready! I’ve got seven of the best fall fashion trends!

1.) Thigh-High Boots: These are a must-have in my opinion. After you slip into these boots, you may just want to throw your open-toe shoes out! Yes, they’re that fabulous! You can rock these tightly fitted or not. It all depends on your shape and how you feel about your legs. If you want to add a little more definition to your leg, I would suggest, the loose look. If you want an ultra-sexy, cat-woman inspired look, I would suggest the tight version. Either way, you will achieve a very stylish look.

Where to buy the thigh-high boots? Well, if you’re a follower of my articles, you already know what I’m going to suggest. But it’s still a little early in the season to see these boots on the shelves, but when the time comes, Barefeet Shoes will meet your needs! Locations are all over the city: Chestnut St., Roosevelt Blvd. and South Street.

2.) Winter Shorts: Okay, so maybe you don’t have to put those Summer shorts in a box just yet. If you pair some of your shorts with colorful tights, then you are in the fall fashion game! The fabric of the shorts is pretty much open, so cotton, wool and even leather are all in!  For example, you can rock solid black-colored shorts with yellow or hot pink tights. If this is too bright for you, then try the black shorts with gray tights. Whatever suits you.

The great thing about this trend is that it’s already in your closet! But let’s say you don’t own a pair of shorts or maybe you want more. Stores like Forever 21 ($14.80-$15.80) and Charlotte Russe ($16.99-$24.99) sell all kinds of these winter shorts for a steal.

3.) Tights: Speaking of tights. Aren’t you glad that tights are still in? Well I know I am. When I need a quick fashion forward look, I will throw on some tights in a heartbeat! But in this season, the look is a little different. Not only do you want to add a punch of color, but ripped and embellished tights are all the rave! So tights can be worn with holes/the ripped-jean inspired look or even fully decorated with prints or rhinestones. If you’re feeling really confident you can try both at the same time (holes/rips with decorations). I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty daring when it comes to fashion, but this whole chewed-up and spit out ripped look is a bit much for me. So in the mean time, I will try the bold colored, printed tights.

If you want to buy these tights then again, stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Joyce Leslie will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re crafty, you can get this look right at home. All you need is some scissors, beads, glitter or whatever decorations you want on your tights. So if you have some old tights, don’t throw them away, make an art project out of them!

4.) Men-sized Overcoats: Oh yes ladies, we can be comfortable! These big coats are not only cozy and figure-forgiving, but they are the “it” style for this Thanksgiving season. Don’t think that just because they drown your silhouette that you won’t look sexy. Remember in some cases, less is more! It will make people ask themselves this question: “I wonder what’s under that coat?” This look is all about being modest with a dash of mystery!

Where to get this blanket-inspired look? Well it’s not in stores just yet, but give it a week or two, it’ll be in all of the major department stores.

5.) Long-Sleeved LBD’s (little black dresses): We love our always perfect LBD’s right? Well, you may just not know what love is until you try the sleek, long-sleeved LBD or any color for that matter. There’s just one rule: It has to be above the knee and form-fitting. Get this, you don’t even have to have both sleeves! Oh, you didn’t know? The bare all one shoulder is back in! Also these mini’s can have elaborate detail or not. It’s completely up to that inner-diva of yours!

Where to find this long-sleeved dress? I suggest you try Macy’s or New York & Company. But give it time, it will be in all of the clothing chains soon.

6.) Shoulder Pads: Who ever thought that shoulder pads would be back in? I sure didn’t! But I’m here to tell you that the high, sculpted shoulder look is in. Yes, the 80’s are back! These pads can be worn in jackets, blouses or even dresses. The difference between the 2009 version of the shoulder pad compared to back in the day is that you won’t look like a fashion mistake! Singer Ciara has already made this trend look fabulous.

Where to find? The GAP or Wet Seal just to name a few should be some of the stores that sell this trend in the Fall.

7.) Military Jackets: If any of you are Michael Jackson fans then I know that you are still mourning his loss. So in remembrance of the icon, you can rock the military-inspired jacket! What MJ and Janet Jackson made famous. This jacket can be worn dressed down or even dressed-up. For example, rock it with some skinny leg jeans or a funky dress! Whatever you do, make Michael proud!

If your mom or someone you know was an 80’s “fashionista,” then see if he or she owns one of these jackets. With a little TLC, you can make that jacket a staple Fall/Winter piece! Also, you can shop at stores like Forever 21 (I guess you can tell that I’m a fan of this store!)

So, now you can’t say you don’t know what to wear, because I just gave you the full breakdown. So as soon as the first day of Autumn strikes, which is September 22nd, I expect all of you to be rocking at least one of these trends!