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Christine Phillips-One of Philly’s Best Fashion Designers


Christine Phillips has been creating designs that have transformed women’s clothing for over fifteen years. Not to mention her famous, always sold out fashion show held every year in which hundreds of people attend!  Trust me, you haven’t worn anything until a Christine Phillips design drapes over your silhouette!

This free-spirited, spunky entrepreneur and fashion designer has won numerous awards including the Golden Key Award from The University of the Arts, which she received in high school, a major honor considering the award is usually given to college students!  But Phillips passion for fashion all started with a gaze of her third grade teacher. “I always loved people who dressed nice,” she said, “but it wasn’t until I meant my third grade teacher that I really started to take interest. She had this great style, but it was those wooden stilettos that took the cake.”

Phillips interest in those wooden stilettos prompted her to create specific designs for women’s needs, not just for sizes 0-4, but for all women! “I believe that all women should feel beautiful and that doesn’t depend on the size of your waist,” explains Phillips, “so I create for the skinny-minnies and the full-figured woman.”

Whether you’re shopping for an executive chic look, a special occasion or it’s time to say “I do” don’t fret, because Phillips has something for you! She describes her designs as if they were a beautiful poem. She doesn’t just create a piece of clothing, but she creates a breathtaking experience—an experience that creates movement in every stride a women takes. “I create designs with edge and style for ‘the woman’ who is always on the go. If you have to wear suits to work, I’ll create something that’s business-savvy with a touch of flare.”

Since all of Phillips’ creations are so very different and unique you probably are wondering how she up with these distinctive, funky designs? Well, Phillips tells me that the fabric itself inspires her, “The theme for one of my shows was “Inside Out” and one day while I was in NYC looking for fabrics, I came across this burnt-out velvet and it instantly intrigued me. I thought wow, this really shows beauty from the inside out and that then started my design process.”

Phillips also says that an object or theme can inspire her creations as well. For example, those annoying, dirty pigeons that walk amongst us every day in Philadelphia actually inspired one of her collections! No, I’m not lying; the models even wore feathers in place of their eyelashes!

“The pigeons that I saw on the front cover of that book were the most beautiful creatures that I’ve ever seen,” explains Phillips, “So I took those pigeons and transformed them into gorgeous designs.”

Clearly Phillips is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, yet she chooses to design in Philadelphia and not New York City: the fashion capitol of the world. “Well, I was born in Philadelphia,” Phillips says, “this is my roots and little be known, there are tons of great fashion designers in this city. But unlike NYC, we don’t get as much trafficking and exposure; there aren’t as many buyers, but on the plus side we do have great venues.”

Every year, Phillips’ new collection is presented during her annual fashion show at the National Constitution Center. As a guest, you experience so much more than just your traditional fashion show! Phillips explains the event herself, “I do a show that is well rounded: great food, fantastic music and models that really walk the walk. I need the whole experience to be enjoyable in all ways!”

This local fashion icon even has some advice she would like to share, “I don’t get into trends too much, but one trend that will never go out of style is that you have to make the most of what’s in your closet and own it. If you own it, no one can tell you nothing and you just might start a trend of your own.” Now I know all my “reccesionistas” like that!

You can check out more of Christine Phillips collections at www.ChristinePhillipsonline.com