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From 1984-1989, alt-rock band the Flaming Lips  recorded a series of musical adventures released throughout the late 80s. Those recordings would later be put together on a compilation disc in 2002, aptly titled, Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid. It seemed like a good fit for the band’s early style, and their hybrid concoction of sounds and influences – not to mention the images that go along with the title of their compilation – have inspired acts for years to come.  IMBALA

One of those bands is a local outfit playing The Khyber on Saturday. They’ve named themselves IMBALA and their unusual sound deserves a listen from fans of all genres.

Founded in 2005 in New Jersey, IMBALA pride themselves on “being able to elicit the gamut of emotions from their audiences.” And all signs point to success in that endeavor. They’ve done so by mixing an array of influences and sounds into a singular source, switching genres between songs (often from metal to jazz and back), and doing it in a way that says “music,” not “ experimental art.”

“Yetti Confetti,” located on their MySpace page, begins as a Phish-infused jazz guitar beat. At the 30 second mark, it suddenly devolves into what could be mistaken for grindcore or metal, with the wah-wah pedal being replaced by heavy, loud distortion. Coming up on minute three of the eight-minute tune, we get back to the easy cymbals and deep reverb cleanliness of an Incubus or 311-style beat. In spite of all that, IMBALA keeps your attention because of the sound at present – not what might happen next. To add a little mystery to their mystique, the foursome have decided to forgo a vocalist of any kind.

And what do they call the sounds coming from the stage? Junkcore (jam-funk-hardcore).  

IMBALA claims these emotions come from a defined mission in all musical genre endeavors: “Angry catharsis in a breakdown, joyful dancing in a funky jam, or pensive passion in a melodic passage.”

Since their journey started, the band has been a featured artist on 93.3 WMMR’s Local Shots Live (at Doc Watson’s Pub) and were featured on Comcast On Demand’s Battle of the Bands. They’ve rocked The Trocadero  Balcony in Chinatown, the 8x10 (Baltimore), and the Stone Pony (Asbury Park) among other venues.

IMBALA is a great escape for fans of metal, jam bands, jazz, funk. If you’re a punk rocker who’s finally decided to drop some acid: You definitely won’t be disappointed. IMBALA shouldn’t be missed this weekend.

They’re headlining downstairs at The Khyber  (56 S. Second St., Old City) on Saturday alongside Consider The Source, Infinien, and Ayurveda. The show starts at 9pm.