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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon Starting in November


Jon and Kate Gosselin, the local celebrities from Womelsdorf, PA who have reached a level of superstardom following their divorce announcement are making the headlines again today.
Due to a drop in ratings TLC is changing the name of the show from Jon and Kate Plus 8 to just Kate Plus 8. And, with that it means the end of the road for Jon.

It's pretty obvious that Jon's bad publicity is hurting the image of the show and now the network is sevoring ties with him.
So for all of the paparazzi wannabees out there making a killing off pictures taken of Jon and Kate at local spots in Reading, the Berkshire Mall, and other Reading-area locales-your revenue stream is about to be cut in half.  Fear not though, Kate will be hanging around.

For those of you who aren't aware of where exactly Jon and Kate are from-it's a small town called Womelsdorf, PA about 15 miles outside of Reading.  Womelsdorf has a population of 2599 and is smacked right in the middle of Berks County and it's plethora of farms.  

Looking for local hotspots in Womelsdorf? You'll be hard pressed to find many.  If you're a history buff then the Conrad Weiser home will be right up your alley though.  Womelsdorf is best known as the location of The Conrad Weiser Homestead

Starting November 2nd, Jon will be officially sacked and the name-change will take effect.


12:11 PM
Wed Sep 30 2009

It is about time they dumped Jon! He is an immature cad who needs to grow up and stop acting like an A** ! They have 8 beautiful kids and he is playing around like he is back in college. I am sick of him and feel bad for Kate. I do however wish they just stopped the entire show because of the kids but I guess that is her job now......Jon isn't supporting them.