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Preston and Steve's Painfully Single Mixer


Painfully single is an interesting and eye grabbing term. In all honesty, 99.1% of my friends are either painfully married or painfully attached (the names of these people are being withheld to protect the "soon-to-be-dead" if they were ever revealed), so painfully single is never a term I've been associated with. That's why "Preston and Steve's Painfully Single Mixer" on Thursday night at Penguin's Pub in Warminster was intriguing to say the very least- and Philly2Philly was there to check it out. 

Preston and Steve rev up the crowd"We've been doing Painfully Single Mixers for years, usually three or four each year," says "Morning Show With Preston and Steve" producer and webmaster extraordinaire Nick McIlwain. "They started off as an event for single people around Valentine's Day, but became so successful that we now do them several times. You have to be selected and win a spot on the guest list to attend. Most win spots by calling in to WMMR."

One of the guests was Denise Clark of Horsham. "My neighbor Joanne won the tickets," said Denise. "I knew about it because I listen to Preston and Steve every day. She called me and said 'Let's go!' So I figured 'Why not?' This is my first mixer, and you never know who you'll meet." When asked if she had her eye on anyone specific at the mixer, Denise, with a mischievous smile replied: "Very possibly."  

Billy Coyle from Warminster shared similar sentiments. However, the ensuing madness that has been known to transpire at the mixers had him quite interested. "I've been to one mixer before and it got very crazy. I went to one about two years ago, so it's been a while. Whenever you hear them talk about it on the radio it always sounds like a realgood time. This is a chance to come out, meet new people, and see all of the wildness in full effect."   

And wild it was. Throw in a free Happy Hour Buffet with $2 Bud Lights and Bud Light Limes and the mixer was officially under way. Four contests took place "Lipstick Smear" Contest throughout  the  night known as "Ice Breakers." These were done to better acquaint singles that were chosen randomly by the WMMR team. Contestants were awarded with DVD's of Entourage: Season Five, the making of the "Preston and Steve's Totally Office Calender" for 2009, jewelry from Steven Singer Jewelers, and a Rock Band video game. And trust me- EVERY winner earned these prizes. In one particular contest, singles had to "move" a golf ball upwards while keeping the ball in the other single's pant leg. Other contests during the night carried such titles as "Lipstick Smear," and "Sexiest Make-Out Session Between Two Strangers." The male winner of this contest received a PlayStation Portable, and tickets to "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Live at The Tower Theater on September 17th. Female winners won $250 worth of Jewelry from Steven Singer Jewelers, and a $100 gift certificate from Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon. Despite the madness which ensued during the evening, co-host Steve Morrison described the behavior as not unruly, bur rather "right in the middle" when compared to past mixers.

And judging by the interactions between some of the newly acquainted singles as the event drew to a close and the holiday weekend beckoned, it's safe to say that quite The winners are announced...a few of them were well on their way to no longer being painfully single.

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