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Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest--Submit your own creation


Beer drinkers and artists recently united to pay homage to the elixir in the silver, red and blue can.

Tattooed Mom's hosted the event, which was the first ever viewing party for the Philadelphia extension of the National Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest. PBR's local beer rep "Gravy," said the event on South Street, was meant to jump start the contest in the city. PRB Art Party

The national contest, in which artists create works related to PBR, has been going on for four years, but the city's many creative talents have been lacking in the participation area. To set the mood, cases upon cases of PBR $1 cans were flowing from the bar upstairs. Nearly every wall - and person - was sporting some kind of love for the hoppy beverage, whether it was a hoodie or tank top, the blue ribbon painted over one eye, or just a can in the hand. Banners, balloons and tons of art decorated the walls.

Entries from past years from all over the country were on display for both drinkers to peruse and artists to be inspired and encouraged by so they just might submit their own. Some of those previous entries, which hung on bright blue backdrops, included "One Smart Monkey" from

an Ohio artist, which depicted a monkey reaching for a can of Pabst rather than his usual banana as a scientist looked on taking notes.

"PBR Rex" showed a dino clad in blue, drinking the beverage of choice, done by an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Another was a bit more realistic -- a misty-eyed oil painting of a PBR can looking longingly out a window, from a Cleveland, Ohio artist.

As this year's entries started to roll in, they were hung up on the walls of Mom's for display - like the buxom blond in a thong and red heels with the ribbon at her feet, or a pen and ink creation of a PBR can with red roses adorning either side.

There was also a sculpture of a PBR can shaped into a mini-version of the LOVE sign. This one was made by Daryl Raven Thompson, called "Philly Loves Pabst."

Yes, in fact, we do!

Throughout the night, bar-goers and artists wandered around upstairs, admiring the works while a DJ played in the back room. A few artists were also set up to do their work on the spot, and there was a table of local crafters who make and sell nothing but PBR-inspired goodies like prints, shirts, earrings, bracelets and wallets. PBR Art Party

These artists, members of the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market, were gearing up for their second annual craft show solely dedicated to Pabst. The crafting challenge will be held Feb. 27 from 3 p.m. to 10p.m. at 2424 Studios Skybox, on 2424 York Street in Fishtown. There's an $8 donation to enter, and for those who want to be vendors, the fee is $10. A secret panel of judges will be there checking on the set-ups, so prizes will be given away.

Julie Raboczi, who founded the city's Independent Craft Market, said last year's event was a huge success so they're hoping to make it an annual thing.

The PBR Art contest doesn't end until Jan. 31 so in case you missed the viewing party, there's still time to submit entries. Philly has never had a national winner for the contest, Gravy said, so it's about time. The winner not only gets a chance to have his or her art displayed on billboards in the city and maybe across the country, but there's cash involved and a year's supply of Pabst. Make art, get free beer!