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Ozzy Osbourne on 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show promoting "I am Ozzy" book


Ozzy Osbourne is doing the media rounds promoting his latest book "I Am Ozzy."  He was on 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show this morning. 

Ozzy was even more difficult to understand that normal during the interview.  It was a miracle that Preston and Steve were able to conduct this interview.

One part of the interview I could understand is when Steve asked him if he ever gets frightened by his fans.  In a round about, non-understandable Ozzie sort of way he said "it's the chance you have to take." 

When asked who should play Ozzy in a movie he responded, "Denzel Washington" jokingly.

This was quite an interview for Preston and Steve.  They even admitted afterwards what a challenge it was as there were many segments when you couldn't even tell what Ozzy was saying. He's gotta be the toughest interview to do on that basis alone.  Steve said, "there were stretches were I didn't understand a word."

For a link to the interview, go to Preston and Steve's podcast right here.

He will be doing a book signing in Philadelphia at Border's Books on Broad and Chestnut.