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Slice of Suburbia: Audubon & Mill Grove


A province bordering on the north side of the Schuylkill River and the Valley Forge National Historic Park, Audubon and Mill Grove  have a lot of history, great running or walking trails, stores and shops. Audubon Ale House

Audubon was settled in the early 1700’s with a host of other small villages before present-day Audubon was christened in 1899 in honor of its early-nineteenth century resident John James Audubon, who resided at the estate of Mill Grove (located at Audubon and Pawlings Roads).

Mill Grove was built in 1762 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mill Grove was the first American home of renowned artist, author and naturalist, John James Audubon. Between 1803 and 1806 Mill Grove and its surrounding fields and woodlands first inspired Audubon's passion for painting and drawing birds. Today, the 175-acre estate remains largely as Audubon found it. Now, it serves as an educational center of the National Audubon Society, dedicated to connecting people with nature. A haven for birds and wildlife, the property boasts more than seven miles of trails and amazing views of the Perkiomen Creek. Further on is the historic three-story stone farmhouse displaying original Audubon prints, oil painting, and Audubon memorabilia.

Walnut Hill, Pawlings Farm, is the land known as the Perkiomen Peninsula, and particularly, the Pawling Farm, played an essential role in the Valley Forge winter encampment of 1777–1778. It provided strategic protection for the camp; it was the site of the newly organized Commissary function that saved the Continental Army from starving; and it was the site of the encampment itself before the army marched on to victory at Monmouth. Audubon & Mill Grove

Today the peninsula is a mix of habitats—open meadow, riparian and upland forest, wetlands and extensive vernal ponds. The Audubon Loop Trail is part of the Perkiomen Trail: The 19-mile scenic Perkiomen Trail runs through the Perkiomen Creek Valley from its junction with the Schuylkill River Trail at Oaks, Upper Providence Township, to the Green Lane Park, the largest county park in the area. 

You can also find the usual commerce in this village as well, with a Genuardi’s, Delaware Valley Chiropractic Center, Dollar Store, Wine & Spirits, along with Brewster’s Ice Cream, a Wawa, a pizza place and the Audubon Ale House. The Audubon Inn  has been restored to its elegance and a law firm is currently residing there.

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