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Gary Coleman talks Midgets vs Mascots with Preston and Steve, then rushed to hospital


Gary Coleman was making the rounds in the media yesterday as he called into 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show and discussed  Midgets vs Mascots, a movie which he "can't stand."

Coleman personally hates the fact that he's in the movie, and how it's receiving a lot of buzz for a scene in which his penis is allgedly shown. 

Host Preston Elliot inquired about this when Coleman called into the show. Coleman responded by saying it was something that the director "snuck in" against his permission.

As a result, Coleman is going to pursue legal action against the producers of the film if they don't remove this from the movie.

Co-host Steve Morrison retorted to Coleman that he "doesn't realize he's trying to do it, but he's actually promoting the movie." This is very true, because if it wasn't for Coleman's role in this movie and the controversy surrounding the penis shot, nobody would be interested in seeing it.

Hours later, Coleman was rushed to the hosptial for a seizure at around 8:00 AM Pacific time.  If you do the math, this was roughly an hour or so later after Coleman called into Preston and Steve. 

Gary Coleman fans however, can breathe easily. He is doing fine after the hospitalization.