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Philly2Philly's 'Your Colour Pallette' Falls Into Style


The most delicious and desired season is upon the style conscious. It is time to embrace the essence of the fall fashion season and say good-bye to the lackluster 2010 summer that made our get-up-and-go, get-up-and-sweat the bad hair day. As you lift your window to feel the cool crisp air sweep across your dramatic and voluminous eyelashes, unleash your inner diva, smile into the wind and get ready to fall into style. With a little ambition and inspiration you will take pleasure in this fashion season.

"Your Colour Palette" with Laini Bianculli.From catwalk to sidewalk (this IS Philly and in Philly, it's a sidewalk), fashion imitates life. This fall, our insightful and talented designers drew their inspiration from the depths of their souls and reveal all in their fall collections. 2010 has been properly labeled the year of the woman so the time has come to celebrate YOU, refresh your spirit and find your signature style. Get ready to feel inspired no matter what your age, budget (from Target  to Annie Sez to Nordstrom) or body type.

This season features so many time-honored traditions and ladylike iconic styles of the past that are now very present. The sleek tailored feminine silhouette is back; hence the skinny pant or wide-leg trousers (Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly would be so proud), the sheath dress - - perfect for any time of day, the classic white shirt paired with denim jeans, the long cardigan, the vest, the blazer, and the little black dress. These classic items should be the canvas of your closet; the underpinning of your life in fashion.

Take your foundation brush and paint your fall canvas with the evolving trends of the season that enable you to express yourself and have FUN. Be fearless, take a risk, add your own interpretation and refuse to follow the status quo; or, in Lainiology terms, don't be a "stylecrastinator" but instead be "fashionspired."

With a modern mix of great pieces at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. To feed your soul and your accessory addiction, add some of these sumptuous trends to your already neo-classic, contemporary, modern or relaxed style: lace; pearls; fur (real or faux); feathers (yes, I said feathers); boots (from low and slouchy to sky thigh-high); capes and ponchos; the all new jean legging a/k/a/ jegging; leggings, the sleek structured handbag or the chic envelope clutch; animal prints; any military influence; lots of hats, belts and scarves; big, bold frame sunglasses - always very Jackie O; chunky gold, silver and metallic jewelry; patterned and opaque hosiery; and the fabulous new turtleneck which is anything but boring with its ruffles or asymmetric draped closure.

Accessories are meant to complement (even less expensive clothing), not intimidate or take over, your look. Accessorizing is an inexpensive way to stay chic without breaking the bank and in this recession all we want a double dip of is our favorite ice cream on a Philly pretzel cone. Check out some of my favorites: Ann Taylor, Chico's, and Zara.

Fall in love with deep hues of triple liquid black, rich chocolate brown, burgundy and intense purple; and jewel tones of sapphire, gold, emerald green and ruby red. The sophisticated neutrals of camel, sweet butterscotch, charcoal/heather gray and pale iced blue will have you craving the colder weather for a sip of hot cocoa or a yummy pumpkin spice latte while wearing your chunky sweater or fabulous new maxi coat. With all of these options, you will be dressed in shades of gorgeous! And you will feel empowered, whether in textured fabrics of tweed, wool, or boucle, or the soft sweep of velvet, velour, suede and leather. Everything is meant to be worn and worn well!

The fall make-up palette is as bold with color and as elegant as the fashion (Revlon to Dior). With your innate flair for beauty you will yearn for the creamy taste of chocolate, tangy raspberry or stunning shades of purple and fuchsia on your beautiful pouty lips; smoldering smoky eyes with exaggerated lashes will find you fluttering in every mirror; and pure romantic shades of pink on your cheeks will complete your catwalk (sidewalk) look. The decadent color on your lips should flow to your pedicure and your fingertips.

Whether you call it fall or Autumn, the splendor and lavish color of this season will inspire you like a breathtaking view of the Sedona mountains. Revel in all of your extraordinary finds and welcome another "Fall in Philadelphia" and - - better hair days!


Who and what will inspire you this fall season? When you set the clock back in November, remind yourself to savor every precious moment of time and the ones you love - - they are your true inspiration.

For questions or comments or more information on perfecting your signature style please contact me at laini@yourcolourpalette.com