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'The Social Network' edges 'Life As We Know It' in Philly2Philly's Box Office Weekend Wrapup


Computer nerds shut down chick flick cinema in Jim Teti's Box Office Weekend Wrap-upKatherine Heigl in "Life As We Know It." Photo: Warner Bros.

It seems that all the negative Facebook status updates regarding Katherine Heigl’s new romantic comedy paid off, as The Social Network remained the box office king for a second week in a row. The film added another $15.5 million to the bank, bringing the total to around 46 million. Not bad at all. Life as We Know It, the aforementioned rom-com, did manage a decent showing at $14 million, despite fairly negative response from critics and a general hate for Heigl. Perhaps good word of mouth for the female driven demographic kept it in the running.

The other film’s in new release this weekend performed rather weakly. Secretariat, Seabiscuit’s lame cousin, left the horse track with around $12 million. Someone needs to stop wasting Diane Lane’s immense talent. Meanwhile, the horror genre suffered further stab wounds this week with the release of Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take. That film, which endured multiple re-shoots and release date changes, opened with $6.9 million. Now that’s some scary stuff.  Hopefully, Craven gets his act together before Scream 4  rolls into theatres next spring.

The rest of the Top Ten performed expectedly, with both Easy A  and The Town holding strong. As both of those films near $80 and $50 million respectively, Renee Zellweger’s Case 39  is just about closed, barely pulling in $9 million in two weeks! Wall Street is trying to hold its own in the stock market, approaching $45 million with another $4 million in receipts. Meanwhile, that weird owl movie seems to be still in the game too, nabbing a spot in the Top 5 with another $7 million hoots to round out the weekend.

So what about next weekend? Well there’s Red, a movie about a retired black ops team that comes back into circulation after an assassin threatens one of them. It features action aficionado Bruce Willis, and it has Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle. (Say no more, we’re in!) There’s also Jackass 3-D, which arrives about 10 years too late if you ask me. Nonetheless, the first one was a hit, so maybe Knoxville still has what it takes to reel in an audience. Also in limited release is Conviction, a courtroom drama with Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. (It’s a bit early for Oscar talk, but this premise reeks of award recognition) Tune in next week to see if the act of Mirren kicking ass in Red turns out to be a profitable cinematic gamble.

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